Perpignan City Council: the compensation increases go wrong

Perpignan City Council: the compensation increases go wrong

+ € 100 000 for the elected representatives of the majority Pujol scandalous decision to Aliot. + 100 000 € for the majority of elected Pujol scandalous decision to Aliot. PHOTO / Photo H. Jordan

Deliberation No. 8 on the “revaluation” of Allowances of the majority of elected Jean-Marc Pujol, has inflamed the debate. the opponent FN Louis Aliot diffuse a petition to the mayor surrenders it.

of the majority of elected allowances double, triple or even quintuple. As it was more for the opposition to be wind up last night at the city council? No. There was really no need to throw more anger grounds to see the bench FN elected pitch in this deliberation No. 8 by which the majority of seven elected Jean-Marc Pujol: Chantal Bruzi, Suzy Simon Nicaise, Stéphane Ruel, Christine Gavalda-Moulenat, Nicole Amouroux, Pierre Barbé and Virginie Barre see their benefits increase substantially.

so the reasons are contained in the resolution presented by the mayor himself, wearing on “function allowances of elected municipal council.” A document with a table with one and the whole council. Next to each name: function (Deputy Councillor municipal delegation with or without delegation and adviser to Mayor JM Pujol), the percentage of the maximum benefit and for 19 elected representatives of the majority, the percentage of the increase in their compensation. To + 600% for one of them, + 367%, + 250%, + 192% for others. In the end, however, only seven elected will be affected.

Their monthly salaries are soaring and some 500 euros to 2400 euros for one, 1 600 to 2 400 euros for another 2 400-3 000 for a third … And Pujol recalled: “I said, during the installation of this council (May 2014-Ed) I will be revising the allowances depending on the work done by elected and today they remain below 23% in the authorized ceiling . ” That’s what is all but a punchline. Especially for the opposition still does not receive a penny of compensation despite a stepped exchange recently, and in this sense, between Jean-Marc Pujol and Louis Aliot.

  • furious Aliot

This is the boss of the FN group, furious at the presentation of this deliberation which revealed in full council: the two men had agreed that the FN elected (under Louis Aliot which, admittedly, already will initial the Europe) receive 200 euros in compensation monthly. “For far we have been despised !, Railed Aliot. Several elected in my group feel well treated worse than the former elected PC and PS which once sat here. we met with the Regional Council plant in Toulouse (4 January last-Ed), and you told me that you would benefit tourist city in the ranking of Perpignan grant benefits to FN elected, we separated it out!

  • Petition and court

But this verbal agreement, the mayor would have liked writes: “ You have not confirmed in writing ,” Pujol said that ensured that these increases relate to 7% when the FN elected Bruno Lemaire fell “! No, + 12% you can say what you want, monthly allowances go from 67 000 to 75 500 euros, or about 100,000 euros per year “. “ I will go to the tribunal to drop this because I am not convinced that you have the right not to give compensation to FN elected here and give them to the urban community ” Aliot added. Waiting to seize the judges is the Perpignanais he caught spreading in the mailboxes of the city, a petition demanding “ the mayor withdrew this outrageous decision! .” The case may still make noise.

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