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Reform of the labor code: union response is organized

The main unions are joint meeting. The purpose of this meeting? Their disagreement with the reform of the Labour Code. A project deemed unfavorable to employees. “What’s on is that this meeting Inter is an event in itself, a satisfaction even told me some union representatives, because you have to […]

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Triumphant in Nevada, he is unstoppable Trump?

There is no longer room for doubt: Donald Trump is the favorite in the race for the Republican nomination. After the Northeast (New Hampshire), the South (South Carolina), it just crushed the competition in the West (Nevada). The nationalist demagogue and billionaire has collected 45.9% in this caucus (only Republican […]

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Food: the French prefer healthy and local products

Shopping carts filled to the brim is apparently finished. According to a study published by Les Echos on Wednesday, the French prefer quality to quantity. A change due to the current demographics, families are less numerous than they were 30 or 40 years. But also consumer habits changing in recent […]

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