P.-O. : He praised online fictitious holiday villas

P.-O. : He praised online fictitious holiday villas

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After 18 months of investigation, the gendarmerie of Saint-Génis-des-Fontaines come to a halt in a scam large scale on the internet.

the case was opened in August 2014. at that time, a Spanish family booked renting a villa on the same commune Alberes, by via the website the right corner . Customers had paid a deposit for the certainty “block” that good. But when they arrive on holiday, they had been shocked to discover that the villa did not exist.

Forsaken, so they had filed a complaint for fraud in the local brigade. From the first investigations, the military has unearthed three other similar cases where the scammer used whenever the same modus operandi. The victims were paying between 300 and 600 € deposit for a non-existent location.

In the space of a year, the police have identified as a hundred victims of these acts and to date, total damage is estimated at around € 40,000. The investigations have also identified a man already known to adversely justice for similar offenses, which was quickly challenged in this case.

The suspect, aged 29 and resident in P.-O., was arrested and placed in custody. Left free, it will be convened soon by the magistrate who has been sent the file.

The facts that took place on the web and therefore large scale, a long process of identifying victims through national distribution ordered by the justice begins for the Catalan police. Knowing that the person who would have benefited from the complicity of certain facts would also sold online brand bags for several hundred euros again, never send the goods. The opportunity to call again for vigilance during internet transactions.

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