Orly : the act of jihad-a bank robber multirécidiviste

Orly : the act of jihad-a bank robber multirécidiviste

A soldier of Allah ? The father of Subha Ben Belgacem don’t want to believe : “My son has never been a terrorist. He ever said the prayer and he drinks. And under the influence of alcohol and cannabis, so this is where we arrive “, he testified at the end of his police custody. “It is a shock, but what is it that you want ? It is the attendance and the drug… In the end, it is me who pays “.

The father of the assailant Orly had been right : his son was under the influence of alcohol and drugs – cocaine and cannabis – at the time of the facts. Yesterday, the results of the analyses carried out by the medico-legal institute confirmed it.

Sentenced several times for theft, with a criminal record, with nine references to the facts of common law, Subha Ben Belgacem, a French 39 years old, was attacked on Saturday a military operation Sentinel to the airport Orly Sud (Val-de-Marne) is called ready to die in the name of Allah. The end of a mad equipped through the suburbs of paris started as a mundane traffic control, Garges-lès-Gonesse (Val-d’oise), north of Paris. He was shot dead by the security forces. The assailant was in “a kind of flight forward with a process of more and more destructive,” according to the prosecutor of Paris François Molins, who spoke of “signals of radicalization” in 2011-2012, while he was in detention, the prison d’osny (Val-d’oise).

A dangerous man

To the prosecutor, several items refer to Subha Ben Belgacem as a dangerous man, determined “to go to the end of this process,” deadly cycle : target selection, members of the military, ” corresponds to the words broadcast by the terrorist organizations jihadists “. The anti-terrorist section of the parquet de Paris had taken up the investigation.

the day after the attack, investigators are trying to establish what could push Subha Ben Belgacem, bank robber multirécidiviste, to take on a patrol of the operation Sentinel. In march 2016, after having committed several thefts by break-ins to Paris, he had been indicted and imprisoned for six months before being placed under judicial control. It was since the object of a prohibition to leave the territory.

At the time of the attack, Subha Ben Belgacem was carrying a bag with a canister of gasoline he had on him 750 euros, a copy of the koran, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. At his home in Garges-lès-Gonesse, investigators have found a few grams of cocaine, a machete. Investigators are analysing his phone and evidence obtained during the search at his home. The assailant lived on the sixth floor of a building in a popular area and several neighbors describe a man dark and musty.

The investigation will focus on search for possible accomplices, but for the time being, it has not revealed any element on any contact with members of the jihadist movement, and on a possible interest to Daech.

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