One option for Potaissa Turda in the finals of the Challenge Cup with Sporting Lisbon: ”the Guns on them or cannon fodder!”. The Portuguese and they took two players who have played at FC Barcelona

One option for Potaissa Turda in the finals of the Challenge Cup with Sporting Lisbon: ”the Guns on them or cannon fodder!”. The Portuguese and they took two players who played in FC Barcelona

Potaissa Turda is located in front of a historic moment for the tiny town in Transylvania, from the point of view of sport. Sunday, at 19:00, the team’s Horace Gaul will support with Sporting Lisbon in the first leg of the final Challenge Cup. The game will be played in Portugal, the return match being scheduled more than a week, to Cluj.

If up in the final Potaissa caught a aisle favourable and has been the favorite in each tour, this time the transylvanians start with the second chance. Sporting Lisbon is a band powerful, the leader in the championship of Portugal. To give your opponent a able and better in terms of value, it must be said that Sporting has defeated recently Braga with 31-26, this last team being the opponent the team Dinamo in the Champions League this season (scores a direct Dynamo – Braga: 32-34, respectively 35-29). In group formation Sporting are two players who not long ago evolved at FC Barcelona, it’s Carlos Ruesga and Marco Oneto. In total, the team from Lisbon has transferred in the last summer no less than five players who have evolved last season in the Champions League. Grouping portughează has in the lot a true multinational, with 9 players foreign.

we Know that Sporting is at equal points with Porto, they beat to the title, even defeated a week ago with 28-27. The team from Lisbon is the best in the Challenge Cup, by far. We are proud that we can play against Sporting Lisbon, is a great team, a great team,” said Horace Gaul, the coach of the team Potaissa.

From a certain point of view, Turda is on par with Sporting, in its turn currently vying for the title in Romania, the Band ardeleana is located at par in the semifinal against CSM Bucharest (1-1), the deciding game for entry into the final being scheduled on their own land. the ”And we’re in the final stages of the championship of Romania, but they have a different budget. And thanks to the budget they have more players, they’ll probably be more rested, more fit for final”, has supported the Horace Gaul.

Officials in transylvania have admitted that the Sporting has the first chance. A handicap for Potaissa is and fatigue that has accumulated after a season loaded, after a season in which he went parallel on three fronts, championship, european cup and Romanian Cup (played including the Final 4). Turda has already passed the 40 official matches, and signs of overload have emerged in the last League match of Bison with CSM Bucharest, lost by 31 to 20. the ”These 40 matches for us have played them, unfortunately, around 9-10 players in full, and now we see, indeed, the effects of this depletion”, said the coach of Potaissa.

And yet, Turda not be considered a victim and will fight for the trophy. Horace Gaul avoided to talk about the chances of his team in per cent, but ”we hope to be a difference of goals if we lose, so that we have the chance to go back to Cluj”. the strengths of the team? the ”the Mobilization and the group that until now has characterised the”, came the answer the technician.


  • Options are only two: <<cannons on them!>> or <<cannon fodder..>> the Answer is only one and it will come Sunday, starting at 19.00. Greetings to those at home, who are with us in spirit! We will fight in order to fulfill the variant one as well”, Flaviu Sâsâeac, president Potaissa

noting that Potaissa went to Portugal three days earlier to begin the first rounds, to have the players as rested at game time.

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