Olivier Hauled, representative of l'GOOD at The Meeting : “The system will s'collapse”


The Court of auditors is questioning the functioning of the FFF in its latest report. The French Association of amateur football, represented by Olivier Hauled The Meeting, jumped on the opportunity to assign the Federation to justice.

there is soon a year, Olivier Hauled presented to the federal election in the list is led by Eric Thomas, who was the voice of football “from below”. And since ? The former vice-president of the League in era Christmas Vidot, trying to relay the daily message brought by the Association of amateur football.

The GOOD, of which you are the representative at The Meeting, wants to assign the FFF in front of the tribunal de grande instance. For what reason ?

Olivier Hauled : “The applications are multiple, but the main terms of the right to vote of the clubs. The publication of the report of the Court of auditors has been the triggering factor, because it points out the different issues related to the governance of the Federation and the weakness of its democracy, which allows facilities management, to limit the misuse of social goods. Today, the power is removed from the base of the volunteers of the sports movement. This is not me saying it, it is the Court.

Your association has demanded that the FFF will provide you with its accounts, but they are made public at meetings of federal, non ?

We know the big lines of the budget figures in millions, but in the detail, nothing is known. What are the expenses of the executive committee, for example ? When we learn in the report of the Court of auditors that the Federation has chartered an Airbus for up to 130 guests in the World 2014, this was unknown to us. These guests are the presidents of the Leagues who are the major voters required to elect the president of the FFF. We are surprised why they have not so keen to change the electoral system !

Noël Le Graët would buy so the great electors ?

I don’t say that, but it is a form of political patronage. When the president said that it was to reward the volunteers, these are never the true volunteers, those who are in clubs for 30 years and who are confronted with the challenges of everyday life.

are You advocating for a universal suffrage, but physically, how is this possible ?

Very simply, via the Internet, with secure password. You know, even at Langevin we have the fiber !

What echo has to the report of the Court of auditors on the football reunion ?

The findings are the same and highlight the very great difficulty in which we find the clubs that remain the adjustment variable. Here, we are air-dried. As we have seen in the last PV, some of which are threatened with cancellation if they do not pay. The problem comes from the calendar, the municipalities have not yet voted the subsidy, then, the clubs were forced to draw on the contributions of the players. And in general, it is the young people that we pay.

What do you hope specifically to your use of justice ?

Our mission is to alert the clubs, make them aware. If we pass by there, is because that person does not openly position. It means that everything is going well ? There is no space for the word and ideas and this is not me denying access to the AG that we are going to move forward. When you are asked to institutions such as the Youth and Sports, we are told to go to court ! But sooner or later the system will collapse at the national level because the ministry, in view of the OJ-2024, wishes to harmonise the statutes of all disciplines. You have confidence in Laura Flessel, to do this.

do You really think the powerful and obstinate machine of French football would do ? It has also replicated point by point to the allegations of the Court of accounts…

This will be difficult but not impossible. No one is above the law, maybe we will be able to impose something to the FFF.”

Anthony Robinson

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