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OAS Secretary proclaimed the “end of democracy” in Venezuela

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, today proclaimed the “end of democracy” in Venezuela, whose government he called “regime” and the situation in the country of “tyranny”.

in a letter to opposition Leopoldo López, whose sentence of nearly 14 years in prison was recently ratified, Almagro said that in Venezuela “today does not apply any fundamental freedom or any civil or political right “.

” it has crossed a threshold, which means it is the same end of democracy. the international community is clear by asking ‘no more tyranny in heaven’. a sky that no longer exists, “said Almagro in his letter, which has reported on his Twitter account.

Almagro cited the ratification of the sentence against Lopez, whom he called” friend “, issued by the Court Appeal of Venezuela on 12 August, as the “milestone” that marks “the end of the rule of law” in that South American nation.

“I analyze again and again the subject and I am convinced that no are legal, political, moral or ethical not to speak out and condemn a government (at this point with characteristics regime) has been disqualified himself reasons, “wrote Uruguayan politician in the letter, eight pages long.

According Almagro, the Government of Nicolas Maduro “has political prisoners and torture”, “ignores the separation of powers”, “he suffers a deep humanitarian crisis and ethics” and “wants to ignore the constitutional right of people to revoke its president “.

the secretary General of the OAS, also warned that in Venezuela” impera “” political intimidation “and cited cases prisoner Antonio Ledezma of the exreo Daniel Ceballos , the disabled Maria Corina or deputy assaulted Julio Borges to exemplify it.

“those who suffer dictatorships know that trying to eliminate opposition or dissident voices is a true reflection of the ignorance of tyrants,” said Almagro, ., citing the Uruguayan dictatorship that lasted from 1973 to 1985

therefore, Almagro went to Lopez in these terms: “I must confess that at this time I have felt close to the injustice you suffer, as I have felt close to the suffering of the people of Venezuela “.

Since coming to the General Secretariat of the OAS in May 2015, Almagro has the Government of Maduro and the crisis in Venezuela as its main horse battle with continuous pronouncements and reports on the political situation.

in may, went a step further by activating the Democratic Charter of the OAS for Venezuela an unprecedented mechanism that could lead to the suspension of the country that pan-American body.

Maduro, meanwhile, has accused Almagro of seeking a foreign “intervention” in Venezuela.

“If the American imperialism, through the secretary General OAS managed to intervene Venezuela behoove us to start a historical resistance that would take us to a battle until the final victory of our people “, recently warned Maduro.

Read the” open letter to Leopoldo Lopez


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