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Nose to nose with a white shark in Australia

Nose to nose with a white shark in Australia

The images filmed by a drone have made the opening of all the major television news shows in australia. We are the 10th of January last. “I had found a place to do kitesurfing (editor’s NOTE : a board towed by a kite). There was not much wind but the place was beautiful, ” says Isabelle Fabre, a native of Villers-lès-Nancy and installed for six years in Nice. All of a sudden, she sees a big black shadow tour around it. Isabelle thinks, as a first step, it is the shadow of her kite. His friend, Cyril, who is filming the scene from the beach, panic. The images of the drone show him that he is in fact a shark. “He started screaming. He thought that I thought it was a dolphin. In reality, it was a huge white shark, ” she continued. A monster of 4 to 5 m long. The wind is too low. Isabelle falls to the water. She then sees the shark approaching her. “I got the fright of my life. I am quickly back on my board and I spun as quickly as possible, ” says still the young wife of 30 years. It will eventually return to the coast. “Cyril ran to me. He dropped the remote control of the drone, which continued to fly in the sky. Me, I confess, I was leading not large “.

Very soon the australian media picked up his story. Isabelle had only one fear : to see his adventure misused to justify the stalking of sharks. “I tried to reiterate that I have nothing against them. Instead, I think they are useful.” Recovered from her emotions, she has since put on his blog the images from this scene somewhat believable. “We say that we never will fall nose to nose with a shark, until the day this happens,” she said.

The young woman is a phenomenon. Computer engineer, she became aware one day that it misses the point. “I felt frustrated in my work : I had the feeling of missing something, as life and the years hurried by too quickly. But at the same time, quit my job, paid well, scared me, and I stayed in this comfortable situation but it is so frustrating. And then one fine day, fate gave me a hell of a kick in the behind : I found myself single, and without a job from one day to the next day ! “. Today, she has built her professional life around this passion for escape and the trips a little crazy. Isabelle Fabre, in effect, has created two companies. The first called “Trail” now gathers more than 4,000 women. “It has created a line of small accessories in textile. Thus, the number of women who participate in races will recognize, help each other and go above and beyond. We will meet at the beginning of July in the Jura, les Rousses “.

The former student of the college George Chepfer and lycée Stanislas, Villers-lès-Nancy also has a blog. It currently has more than 10,000 ” followers “. So, it is now time to do offer trips to tell of her adventures, she gains even a little bit of money. Enough in any case to do anything to renounce this life of nomad digital, which led him to discover the places the most remarkable of the planet. Very sporty, she practiced judo and gymnastics in her childhood, Isabelle has specialized in trail and kitesurfing. A project of life that has surprised his family at the beginning. “But very soon they understood that it was important to me.”

This Thursday, she leaves for new adventures. Direction ” Morocco for a trail in the Atlas with 50 other women who are known on Facebook. I took the opportunity then to go on a spot of kitesurfing to shoot a video “.

page Facebook : IsabelleFabreVoyage. His website :

” I felt frustrated in my work : I had the feeling of missing the essential “

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