Newspaper. Brussels attacks: the dark heart of Europe

Brussels is always on alert. Police are looking for a suspect who appears on surveillance cameras Zaventem airport, and new searches are underway. Images of Belgium plunged into hell on March 22 go around the world and one of almost all newspapers, which analyze that fateful day.

a before and after

” Hangin ‘, as in Le Soir . Belgian newspaper published an editorial entitled “This is not the end, it’s the beginning”

It’s terrible to write, but us. were almost ‘prepared’ by the increased police presence, the anxiety climate, the events of Tuesday. And yet, there will obviously be a before and an after. For now, we are reminded of our own fragility. Finished recklessness, finished this feeling that Belgium – except the bombing of the Jewish Museum. – Could escape
obscurantist violence “

The conservative Spanish quotiden ABC , who dressed her a black, jihadism has avenged the capture of Salah Abdeslam with these bloodbaths in Brussels. “Everyone would agree that Belgium is the country of the absurd and surrealism. […] Including the police. […] She has both success and a series of spectacular failures; this situation can exist that [in Belgium] “ writes the correspondent, for whom the attacks of 22 March are proof of the inefficiency of the Belgian police.

Flemish? Wallon? Brussels

“The darkness at the heart of Europe” under The Independent . For its historic Paris correspondent, the problem in Brussels exceeds that of the radicalization of part of Muslim youth as France, Britain and Germany. In addition to the usual factors (unemployment, discrimination) behind this radicalization in other European countries, the situation has been intensified by the Belgian division of identity within the country.

“most young Muslims in France or in Britain consider themselves British or French. How should consider a young Moroccan born in Brussels ? Flemish or Walloon ? Brussels , asks John Litchfield. According to him, the Belgian politicians today rather think in terms of “regions” and language of their community, instead of considering the problems nationally.

a country that sees itself as international supremely has become overly preoccupied with parish squabbles. “

serene Stay is essential

in Germany Die Tageszeitung in a chant: “Defending freedom by freedom” . In its editorial, the daily calls for calm: “Stay serene face of terrorism is not easy. But it is essential, otherwise the terrorists would achieve their goal, which is to undermine the foundations of freedom. “

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