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New protests at Parliament. Demonstrations are taking place and to Sibiu and Timisoara


At this time, in front of Parliament is about 100 people, blowing vuvuzelas and chanting “Thieves”. The number of gendarmes is much lower compared to Wednesday night, when they were mobilised forces of order impressive.
Thursday night, they held protests and to Sibiu and Timisoara.
At Sibiu, over two hundred people have gathered near the central area, in front of the Store Grove. The protest is authorized, and the demonstrators started a march on a few of the main arteries of the city, demanding the withdrawal of the package of laws of the judiciary from the Parliament and early elections.
They are chanting ”Punks and criminals, we don’t want leaders,” ”Shame, shame on you” or ”don’t stand on the windows, let in the protests”. They also have tricolor flags and vuvuzelas.
At Timisoara, about a hundred people gathered in the Freedom Square, to protest the amendment of the laws of justice. The call was made on Facebook, and protesters wearing tricolor flags and a few placards with messages such as ”All for Justice”. They shouted slogans against the Government and blowing strong in whistles and vuvuzelas. Demonstrators will start at the end of the protest, in a march to the Dicasterial Palace in Timisoara, which hosts the headquarters of the courts and prosecutor’s offices.
on Wednesday night, over 400 people protested in front of Parliament, chanting “the PSD, the red plague!”, “Chicken thieves and mobsters!”, “Helicopters for the stink alike!”, “Dragnea to jail!”, “Parliament criminal, marching to the courthouse!”, while in the Chamber of Deputies debated the law 303/2004 on the statute of magistrates.
the Members who were out of Parliament at the end of the debate there were booed by the protesters, while the USR was greeted with applause.
during The protests took place and a few incidents. They were shoving between protesters and riot police, deployed in very large number, after several demonstrators broke the cordon of the police forces, out on the road and blocking briefly the traffic.
also, the PSD deputy of Sibiu Ioan Growth and two of the demonstrators went to the Police. The two protesters say that the mp would be hit with the car, but he claims he was “assaulted out of the blue”, without being able to defend, the two protesters who jumped on his car, they started beating her with fists and feet. Police announced Thursday that it has opened a criminal case for injury from negligence on the member’s name John Birth, following to be submitted to the Prosecutor’s office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice.
the special parliamentary Commission for laws of Justice introduced on Thursday a new article in the law 304/2004 on judicial organization, according to which the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) will have to draw cancel an activity report to submit to the minister of Justice and the SCM. Another adopted amendment is that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) will not be able to establish territorial services, services, offices and other compartments of activity without the opinion of the Superior Council of Magistracy. The commission also voted on the establishment of a department for investigation of crimes of Justice, which will work in the Prosecutor General’s office and will have the exclusive competence to conduct criminal prosecution for corruption crimes and offences against administration of justice committed by prosecutors and judges.

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