New Mercedes-AMG G 63: 585 “forces” and dynamics sport car

New Mercedes-AMG G 63: 585 “forces” and dynamics
 sport car

Externally, the AMG G 63 version is easily recognized by 22-inch wheel disks in the extended arches, the grille, bumpers and exhaust on the sides of the body. In the cabin immediately strikes a more grippy sports steering wheel with a beveled rim in the skin of Nappa. The equipment already includes multi-circuit seats with memory, heating, ventilation and massage.

If the past G 63 under the hood had a 5.5-liter turbo petrol V8 (571 hp, 760 Nm), now there is a lighter 4-liter V8 with two twin-scroll turbines and a return of 585 liters. from. and 850 Nm at 2500-3500 rpm (this is 100 Nm more than the sport car AMG GT R with the same engine). Without a driver, the new SUV now weighs 2,485 kg, and the acceleration to 100 km / h takes 4.5 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 220 km / h, but with AMG Driver’s package the limit is moved to 240 km / h. For comparison, the former AMG G 63 rode to “hundreds” in 5.4 seconds and could reach a maximum of 210 km / h.

To save fuel, the engine can shut off half of the cylinders and has a mixed consumption of 13.2 l / 100 km. The volume of the tuned exhaust can be changed by pressing the button or switching on one of the electronics modes. Instead of the seven-stage automatic machine, the nine-band AMG Speedshift TCT 9G is used. In all carton modes, the SUV starts with the first gear for maximum acceleration dynamics, and in the Sport and Sport Plus modes, the transmission switches the gears “down” with gas transmission. There is also an “honest” manual mode, which is activated by a separate button. It allows you to change the transmission “petals” on the steering wheel and twist each gear to “cutoff”, without fear that the box at some point itself will switch to an elevated stage.

The system of permanent all-wheel drive AMG Performance 4Matic divides traction along the axes in proportion of 40:60 against 50:50 in the predecessor. Although there are differences. In the past G-Class and G 63, the inter-axle differential was purely mechanical, with a rigid “iron” lock. But the new generation of G-Class and G 63 blocking the “center” is already in charge of the multi-plate clutch, which can be locked with a button on the instrument panel. Rigid interlocking of inter-wheel differentials with electromechanical drive now work faster.

The “charged” SUV kept the downshift in the distribution, the gearing ratio of which increased to 2.93 against 2.1 for the previous generation model. You can go to the lowered range at a speed of up to 40 km / h, and back to a higher one – at a speed of up to 70 km / h. The clearance under the rear axle is 241 mm.

In the retuned spring suspension (the front is now also independent), adaptive shock absorbers with adjustable stiffness are already installed in the base configuration. The driver can choose three levels of damping: Comfort, Sport and Sport +. The Comfort and Sport modes are also provided for the new rack and pinion steering with an electromechanical amplifier. All modes are controlled by a new system for Mercedes-AMG G-Class Dynamic Select, changing the settings of the transmission and chassis. For roads, she has “scenarios” of Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual, for off-road – settings of “sand”, “dirt” and “stones”.

On the controllability and noise reduction in the cabin is also working a new body, the rigidity of which is increased by 55% – from 6537 to 10162 Nm / deg. The roof, welded to the skeleton by a laser, and the glass pasted into the opening work on it. For the sake of weight reduction, the hood, wings and doors are now made of aluminum, and the frame and body have enhanced anti-corrosion protection.

The world premiere of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 will be held at the Geneva Motor Show in Geneva, and deliveries to the market will begin in June. Then you can wait and the emergence of new items in Russia. The first cars will be released in the special edition “Edition 1”, which differ in red inserts on the body and in the cabin, as well as 22-inch forged wheel disks.

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