New details of the attack on the Russian Syria

New details of the attack on the Russian

Attack on the Russian airbase Khemeymim in Syria on the night of January 1 was made with the help of drone, not mortars. This is reported on Tuesday, February 13, RBC with reference to sources in Ministry of Defense of Russia and General Staff .
According to their information, in the attack from 2:00 to 2:20 Moscow time, eight drones participated. “At the time of the UAV attack, the REB [electronic warfare] systems did not work, so as not to interfere with the flights of aviation,” one of the interlocutors said. The military expert explained to the publication that disabling the system during aircraft departures is a common practice.

>> In Syria, found responsible for the attack on the Russian base Khmeimim
Informed source “” also tends to the version of the attack on the base with the help of drone.
At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Russia refuted this information. “Everything does not correspond to reality: from the date and time of shelling to the method of attack and its actual consequences. And about the unreliability of this version of events, the correspondent of RBC was warned by us on the eve, “the message of the agency RIA News .
As stated in the statement, the author of the material “repeatedly published false information or speculation about the activities of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, trying to attribute their own conclusions to individual military experts for reliability.”

In early January, it was reported that on December 31 at the airbase Khemeymim an attack was committed. Subsequently, the Ministry of Defense explained that the mortar shell was indeed, two servicemen were killed. Also appeared information about the damage of several aircraft.
A few days later, on the night of January 6, Russian military targets in Syria were attacked by drones equipped with ammunition with explosives and striking elements. Part of the aircraft was destroyed, others managed to land with the help of electronic warfare.

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