Navi in ​​DS 5 of Citroën in Test



method hardly possible: Only rarely do you have in a vehicle so many references to the next change of direction of the route guide as seen in the new DS 5 DS is now its own brand in Citroën- Group. What the navigation system displays on its 18-centimeter screen, is additionally recorded in the right monochrome monitor the cockpit displays, although only as an arrow representation, but next to the digital speedometer, obvious. Who the head-up display order for the DS 5 together futuristic cockpit roof (of 1200 euros to), provides for a third time all directional signs on a transparent polycarbonate disc, which shows the Navi commands and much more in view of the driver, as the current speed.


The electronic guidebook is expensive with a price of 1,500 euros, especially since the presentation on the display remains weak. The system comes from Tomtom; the cacophony quick succession following announcements in city or highway Jump is unmistakable. The peculiarity of the new DS Connect Nav should however be the online connectivity that is visualized on multiple pages of the printed manual with schematics, but will ultimately insufficiently described.




The Internet can be either use over the wireless module for roadside assistance and emergency or a special connection via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB accordingly. We set up the Wi-Fi hotspot in an iPhone and could the DS 5 successful couple. The value in use: There is an online search for gas stations, car parks and points of interest. but appears much more important option that is switched to the premium traffic information from TomTom, which then allow a meaningful route guidance with traffic jam avoidance instead of free services from TMC. This worked for us but only sporadically, mostly it stayed with TMC. In a second step, therefore, we took an android as WiFi hotspot, while no improvement was established.


Another advantage of the new DS Connect Nav is support for Mirror Link for Android and Apple carplay. Mirror Link only works with very few smartphones and is a flop. bring it trouble-free running is nearly impossible. Anyone still interested, check first on the official Mirror link page ( whether he has a matching smartphone. Listed are there only the brands Fujitsu, HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony. Samsung’s top models like the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge or touch is missing.


Apple carplay worked properly. During a test drive, but did not want to start navigating in a second, the copilot lost suddenly her voice. Carplay works with an iPhone that is connected via cable, and there are a few apps that can be used while driving. SMS can be read to, for example, and dictate, but no Whatsapp messages. The additional display in the cockpit instruments remain at carplay also sidelined as the head-up display. The Apple navigation also uses premium traffic news, however, invites the maps while driving, so you have to pay attention to his smartphone data quota. In the next version coming for the Apple operating system iOS 10 further refinements added, such as a gas station along the route search. In addition, the app remembers the parking lot of the car.


The monitor of the Connect Nav is touch sensitive, carplay can therefore fully without controller and button clutter operate. Thanks carplay therefore are with DS Connect Nav two Navis aboard. is likely to proceed therefore be difficult with this fancy French vehicle.



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