Natalie Portman, Donald Trump … All you need to remember of the Women’s March 2018

Natalie Portman, Donald Trump … All you need to remember
 of the Women’s March 2018

The pink hats are back. A year after the first edition of the Women’s March, hundreds of thousands of Americans were back on the streets this Sunday, January 21st. Initially organized the day after the investiture of Donald Trump, this second step has taken a different dimension at the time of the movement #MeToo , and in the run-up to the mid-term elections in November.

600,000 people in Los Angeles

A group of women wearing “pussy hats” on the New York subway. (New York, January 21, 2018.)
Reuters / Andrew Kelly Photo

There was no overall figure for these rallies organized in major US cities. The largest took place in Los Angeles, the country’s second largest city, with 600,000 demonstrators, tweeted Democratic mayor Eric Garcetti. Los Angeles counted only 300,000 people against 750,000 people last year. In New York, the police estimated the participation to 200,000 people.

In Las Vegas, the organizers launched the next stage of this protest movement with an event entitled Power to the polls , “Power in the ballot box”. Their goal is to turn the protest into a real political movement for the mid-term elections of November 6th, therefore. A trend already put ahead in one of the magazine Time .

Natalie Portman and the “puritanical” era

Many celebrities have spoken at different walks. The intervention of Natalie Portman is not unlike the French debate on the freedom to annoy . “I hear that this movement is too puritanical or it is a return to Victorian values ​​where men can not behave or talk lustfully alongside delicate and fragile women. I wish to tell them that it is our time that is puritanical. Maybe men can do and say what they want, but women can not do it, “she said on the stage.

Viola Davis and the “women without a face”

Natalie Portman, Viola Davis and Scarlett Johansson spoke at the second edition of the Women’s March in the United States. (Los Angeles, January 21, 2018.)
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The speech of Viola Davis , the actress who received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2017 for her role in Fences , was particularly poignant. “Today, I’m not only expressing myself on behalf of #MeToo because I too was a #MeToo but when I speak, I’m aware of silent women. Faceless women. Women who do not have the money, nor the Constitution by their side, and who do not have the media to instill in them the self-esteem needed to break the silence that is rooted in the shame and stigmatization of aggression, “she chanted in the microphone.

Scarlett Johansson pin James Franco

At the podium, 33-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson also impressed the audience by pointing to their colleague’s behavior. James Franco, recently accused of sexual assault . “How can a person publicly support an association that aims to help victims of sexual harassment while in private, it is trying to abuse its power over people who do not have it?” she declared. Before adding, against the actor: ” By the way, I want to recover my pin’s “.

Donald Trump reacts with irony

For its part, Donald Trump replied the irony to the “walkers” in a tweet. “Very nice weather on our beautiful country, a perfect day for all women to parade. Come out today to celebrate the historic turning points, economic successes and unprecedented wealth creation that has occurred over the last twelve months. The lowest unemployment rate of women in 18 years! “, Wrote the US president on his official Twitter account.

The Women’s March 2018

In video, an excerpt from Scarlett Johansson’s vitriol speech

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