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Montpellier : coup de gueule d'a student in the face of the minister Frédérique Vidal


D students have reproached the minister of higher Education on Thursday, October 12, at the end of the official opening of the campus Saint-Charles 2, at Montpellier, about the selection to the university.

during the press briefing organized in the courtyard of the chestnut tree at the end of the inauguration of the campus Saint-Charles 2, Frédérique Vidal, minister of higher Education, research and innovation was interrupted by the arrival of two students on the dais. A young man sporting a poster “selection=insecurity” was quickly evacuated so that a student has initiated a dialogue with the minister :

as a reminder, the minister of higher Education has committed itself to a reflection on the conditions of entry to the university, and declarations are expected in the month of November on the topic.

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