Mimie Mathy: “It would be possible to have a cop of 1.32 m “

Mimie Mathy: “It would be possible to have a cop of 1.32
 m “

In “The Price of the Truth”, aired this Saturday night on France 3, the actress changes completely of register, to play a captain of the PC of Lyon taciturn. When a young woman is found dead in the swimming pool of a luxury hotel in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, the local gendarmes do not expect to see Marie Jourdan, 1.32 m, captain of the PJ de Lyon. Good surprise of the “Prix de la vérité”, TV movie broadcast this Saturday night on France 3, Mimie Mathy manages to forget his little miracles of “Josephine guardian angel profession”, on TF 1, and to remain credible in the skin of an investigator with a strong character. To take on this role of cop, was it a recreation or a challenge? Mimie Mathy. It was a challenge! Marie is very withdrawn, taciturn, even if she assumes the jeers that have marked out her career. I had to learn to control my gestures, my mimicry, all that I do in “Josephine” for twenty years. You had to be a cop who did not move. Allusions to your small size are not lacking … Yes, I put more of my experience in this character. We inquired: it would be possible to have a cop of 1.32 m. It would undoubtedly suffer what I suffered before being a little known. I told the team to go all the way, because I did not want to hide the thoughts I had about my size. This changes “Josephine”, where no one ever asks me why I’m small . If Marie is a cop, it’s because she has managed to overcome reluctance … In life, I always responded in her own way. Want other TV projects in parallel with “Josephine”? I hope this will give ideas to filmmakers to use in other roles. I have the right to accept projects on other channels, but I will not do a series as long as we shoot “Josephine”, for which there is enough to do for two years. But why not do a kind of follow-up to the “Prix de la vérité”, like a round trip where Mathieu Delarive would come this time to Lyon with Mary? We thought about it. We will see according to the hearings. How was the shooting with the team of “Camping Paradise”, that the guardian angel of TF 1 will help during a common episode to both series? Superbly good. And I can not wait to read what the “Camping” team has in store for me when I go out there to shoot in April. As for the TV movie France 3, I’m no longer alone to wear an episode and it relieves me a little! Ready to go on stage Tuesday in Strasbourg with the Enfoirés, which you find after being absent last year because of health concerns? Oh yes ! There will be an unexpected moment with a very bulky costume in homage to Annie Cordy. I was not missed! We will also wink at Johnny Hallyday and France Gall. And we will welcome new children, always on the theme of sharing. Thirty years after the launch of the Restos, we are, alas, far from having solved the problem.

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