Migrants abused by police: the videos that are controversial in Germany

L are two videos posted on the Internet, were shot Thursday night in Clausnitz, town about fifty km south of Dresden. We see a police officer grab a teenager’s neck to pull the bus unceremoniously under the cries of a hundred demonstrators shouting “go home!”

the protesters, who had earlier tried to block the bus, also chanted ” We are the people! ” , slogan protests against the communist dictatorship in the former East Germany, now hijacked by the anti-refugee movement Pegida, born in Dresden.

another teenager in tears out of him -even the vehicle, while two women sit on the front seats, are held in the arms. According to the DPA, the police had also exercised restraint with two other refugees

An attitude” deeply ashamed “

” anyone who wears a uniform of our country represents and protects our constitution, “said Saturday Cem Ă–zdemir, the owner of the Greens, asking the suspensions of ‘responsible for this intervention” .

“I watched the videos. they speak for themselves,” admitted the interior minister of the Land (regional government) of Saxony, the curator Markus Ulbig. The judge “deeply shameful” attitude demonstrators and announced that his ministry would closely examine the intervention of the police.

A show of support Saturday

This Saturday, the head of the local police, Uwe Reissmann, has however defended, holding that coercion was necessary and arguing that some asylum seekers had been threatening gestures.

According to the public channel ZDF and a local councilor of the radical left, Rico Gebhardt, director of home Clausnitz refugees would also be a member of the populist AFD, who surfs the refugee crisis and climbs in the polls.

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