Medicine: With Salmonella against cancer

Petri dish with a salmonella culture

researchers use GM colonies of bacteria to combat cancer cells

(Photo: AP).

with specially programmed bacteria US scientists want to destroy cancer cells. The genetically modified Salmonella produce an anti-cancer agent, then dissolve itself and set it the poison in the tumor-free, as the scientists in the journal “Nature” write.

A team led by Jeff Hasty of the University of California San Diego in La Jolla (California, USA) developed the new bacterial strains. Sangeeta Bhatia and colleagues from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA) performed laboratory tests with mice, in which the new technology was applied.

would he and his colleagues With its concept can be guided by the fact that a cancer therapy as little damage in to cause the patient’s body, so Hasty: “We also wanted to provide a substantial therapeutic payload to the diseased site.”

In the genome of certain Salmonella, the most colonize tumors, the researchers used a more genes trigger a self-destruct mechanism. It produces a protein called AHL, which spreads in a tumor between the cells of a bacterial colony. Achieved the AHL concentration a certain limit, the protein triggers the production of a substance from which dissolves the bacterial cell. However survive always some of salmonella, the mass suicide of the colony and to build a new population in the tumor again

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the actual attack on the cancer cells is carried out over another gene, the scientists einschleusten the bacteria. It ensures that the microbes produce a deadly poison for the tumor cells. the bacteria dissolving under the influence of the AHL on, this poison is released in the tumor.

Siegfried Weiss of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Braunschweig takes the concept of US researchers truly innovative. Although it is not difficult to get salmonella to produce a particular substance, but rather, this substance also liberate. “Have this problem very elegantly solved the researchers,” says White, who was not involved in the study.

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