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Mathieu Raiwisque, referee : “I have a little concern for my safety “

Mathieu Raiwisque, referee : “I have a little concern for my safety “

Mathieu, that happened during the game on march 4 ? It was a game at stake between two teams U17 rivals for the climb. Therefore, there was a little tension. In the locker room, I warned the captains to keep their team. All went well until the moment when Custines took the advantage in the second half. It has started to talk a lot on the field.

what triggered the incident ?

ten minutes from the end, the guardian of Laneuveville out very far from its surface and stops a shot from a player of Custines with the hands. I whistles for free-kick and I excluded the keeper. This is where I found myself surrounded by players.

The fault and exclusion were, however, indisputable…

to me, They have been criticized for being to Custines because I referee for the club Heillecourt which does not agree too well with one of Laneuveville. One of the players said : “I know who you are, I know where you dwell, I will find you and I’ll bleed “. In these cases (when there are death threats), the regulation is clear : it is necessary to exclude the player and stop the game.

What happened then ?

The return from the changing rooms has been complicated. A second player threatened me. Educators and parents were excited. It cried a lot. I still have heard things, but I turned a deaf ear. Between the time that I whistled the foul, and my return to the dressing room, he takes three minutes. It goes fast but it is long… Luckily, I was supported by one of the assistants, volunteers and a referee who watched the game. All alone, I don’t know how it would have happened.

Have you been afraid ?

I have a little concern for my safety. But I have not been afraid. The players know what they risk if they touch an umpire.

” A game arrested with three exclusions, it is a lot of paperwork, “

What have you done to your back in the locker room ?

I immediately wrote in a notebook everything that just happened, not to mention for my report that I have done with me in the evening, head rested. A game stopped and three exclusions that should be motivating is a lot of paperwork. Fortunately, the two people who were with me helped me. I called the president of the CDA (Lamri Boulala) as we are asked to do in this situation. I’ve also had the phone Liked Brand and Gauthier Légerie (president and legal counsel of the UNAF). It took me a long time. In a sense, it is as well. When I came out, there was no longer a person.

Is this the first time you’re faced with an incident of this magnitude ?

Yes. I never had problem like that. I’m not going to forget it. It was my first game in 2017 because the previous meetings for which I had been appointed had been postponed. What a recovery ! In addition, it happened three days before my birthday.

” This is not in my mentality to stop, “

Since the beginning of the season, feel that the situation deteriorates ?

No. Everything went well. Listening to what was being said around me and looking at the social networks, I realized that there was more verbal and physical aggression. But I had never been concerned. I wasn’t thinking about it.

In three years, you have never faced complicated situations ?

there have been a few situations hot as a result of the exclusions. In fact, it often depends on the clubs and places where you referee. Sometimes as educators.

You have decided to file a complaint. Why ?

I wanted to do it. In talking with referees, it has convinced me. This allows you to be reassured in relation to the threats.

This incident did-it prompted him to stop the arbitration ?

Not at all. We know that it can happen. I’ve managed well. This I was not traumatized and this is not in my mentality to stop. I like to mediate. It is a pleasure. A game should be fun for everyone, players, educators, and the referee. When it goes wrong, this is a fun one for anyone. In addition, it makes a bunch of paperwork to fill out.

Two weeks after the fact, your desire to arbitrate is therefore intact ?

Yes. I like it. I’m not doing this for the money. I don’t care allowances. I do not referee for the fun of it. I wouldn’t change state of mind. I’m going to the game, bearing in mind the protection of the players and the supporters. I never avantagerai a team. I have two principles : be fair and right in his boots !

Collected by P.-H. W.

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