Marine Le Pen seeks EUR 27 million and looks to Russia

The love story between the National Front and Russia continues. According to Europe 1, which revealed the information this week, the FN needs of some 27 million euros, 12 million for the presidential election and 15 million for the general election of 2017. A sum that the FN could find Moscow.

When contacted by “L’Observateur”, Wallerand de Saint-Just, the treasurer of the National Front, confirms that the extreme right party intends to turn again to the First Czech Russian bank (FCRB), a Russian bank deemed very close to the Kremlin, though no French bank agrees to lend to the FN.

This is the first time that the party Marine Le Pen could make an investment of this magnitude … and to match its new ambitions.

All is well between the FN and its Russian creditors

“The mentioned $ 27 million is accurate and meets the financial needs of the party for the next two appointments election, “says the treasurer of Marine Le Pen’s party, contacted by” L’Observateur “.

But Wallerand de Saint-Just denies having already made a new loan application, contrary to what the “Times”.

This is crap! No steps in this direction has been initiated. “

Nonetheless, in taking care not to confirm the information of the” Times “, the treasurer of the FN” reasonably considers “to turn back to First Czech Russian bank (FCRB) the same bank. – led by a former bank executive of the Russian state, Roman Yakubovich Popov, according Médiapart – from which the party had obtained a loan of EUR 9 million in 2014.

Visits Moscow, the Russian Embassy in Paris, position in favor of Vladimir Putin, despite an obvious closer links between the clan Le Pen the Kremlin, the FN continues to deny any Russian influence on its political line

“Our relations with FCRB are excellent,” sums Wallerand de Saint-Just.

the idea to continue this collaboration is logical. Everything goes well, we will turn to them again if no French bank will give us a loan, “says the treasurer of the FN .

the FN is already thinking to finance its presence in the second round

in fact, more than mere “financial needs” are the 12 and 15 million that the FN could borrow match the cap r EIMBURSEMENT fresh presidential and legislative campaigns and hundreds of thousands of euros in additional interest that the party will have to pay in case of loan.

for candidates who will attend the second round of the presidential election in 2017, the public finance Act provides for a rebate of up to 47.5% of the spending cap – which should be around € 24 million in 2017. Given a little less than 12 million, the value of the famous “financial needs” mentioned by the treasurer of the FN.

Wallerand de Saint-Just, confirms an investment “unprecedented” and “up to the new ambitions” of the Navy left Le Pen

Like everyone world, we read the polls. We will ensure to be financially prepared for the second round, “he said.

But why turn to a Russian bank? The culprit is found FN treasurer. Nicolas Sarkozy and Bygmalion scandal would cut any desire to French banks to lend to political parties

in 2012, Société Générale lent 5 million euros to the National Front without causing any problems. But things have changed, we must seek overseas funds, “said Wallerand de Saint Just.

According to the organic law concerning the rules applicable to the presidential election, the term of the accounts of a presidential campaign short on the twelve months preceding the election, in April 2015 for the future presidential election. The treasurer of the FN confirmed that the issue of financing the 2017 campaign will be decided “very soon”.

Lucas Burel

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