Manuel Valls: “We can not accommodate more refugees”

Prime Minister was traveling to Munich on Saturday at the security conference. On this occasion, Manuel Valls said he is not about to go beyond the French quota set by the European Union to 30 000 refugees.

Manuel Valls is inflexible. On the sidelines of his visit to the security conference in Munich on Saturday, the Prime Minister has drawn a firm line in France on the reception of migrants in Europe. He was unfavorable to a permanent mechanism as defended the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and to go further than the French quota of 30 000 refugees set by the European Union this year.

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” We can not accommodate more refugees, “has hammered Manuel Valls. Otherwise, he reaffirmed the end of Schengen threat and with it the return of internal borders of the EU, “and the economic consequences that can be imagined.” Displaying his skepticism, he reiterated the slopes defended by France to stem the influx of migrants registration centers, “hotspot” of migrants, and European border guards.

The policy of France hardens

A policy line that diverges from that defended by Berlin, to which Hollande was nevertheless favorable in September. Angela Merkel, seeking to establish a “coalition of the willing” to host migrants and refugees said Friday that an EU country group could agree to allocate more refugees than that provided so far, in exchange increased struggle of Turkey against illegal migration.

These comments came just days before the EU summit in Brussels on 18 and 19 February, which should notably address the unprecedented influx since 1945 migrants in Europe.

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