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MAE: Canada intends to eliminate, from December 1, the visas for the romanians for stays of no more than 6 months


the Liberalization of the visa regime for Romanian citizens wishing to travel to Canada represents the concretization of the efforts supported, undertaken in recent years by the Romanian authorities in addition to the canadian authorities, both bilaterally and in the trilateral format, with support from the European Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
the Decision of the canadian authorities constitutes the final stage of the process of liberalization of the visa regime for Romanian citizens, starting on 1 may.c., when certain categories of Romanian citizens have started to benefit from this regime (holders of a temporary resident visa in Canada in the last 10 years or have a valid visa type non-immigrant to the U.S.).
MAE stresses that people who intend to enter / transit through Canada by air subsequent to the date of December 1, 2017 must obtain in advance an electronic Authorization of travel (Electronic Travel Authorization – eTA).
electronic travel Authorisation (eTA) is a mandatory requirement for all foreign nationals exempt from the obligation of holding a visa, transiting through or traveling to Canada by air. Electronic travel authorisation (eTA) has a shelf life of 5 years (or, as applicable, until the expiry of the validity of the passport). Authorization electronic travel could be achieved only online, by visiting
the Date and the exact time at which the electronic travel authorisation (eTA) will be accessible to Romanian citizens will be communicated in a timely manner, following the submission of such information by the canadian authorities, says MAE.
“we Note that in order to obtain the authorisation of electronic travel and, subsequently, to access the canadian territory, the Romanian citizens must be in possession of a valid passport, regardless of its type (passport simple electronic simple passport, the simple passport, temporary, diplomatic passport and service passport). Persons who intend to enter Canada by land (car, bus, train) or sea (on board a craft, including a cruise ship), subsequent to the date of 1 December 2017, you need to hold only a valid passport, without having to obtain the authorisation of electronic travel (eTA),” notes MAE.
the Romanian Citizens who intend to follow in Canada studies with a duration of over 6 months, or to exercise gainful activities, regardless of duration, must obtain in advance a permit from the studies, respectively of work.

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