Lot-et-Garonne: a new gravel pit will be born

“One of the conditions for the municipality of Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Balerme, is not opposed to our project was not increase truck traffic the town, “says Frédéric Thomas, administrative and sales manager ESBTP Aggregates, St. Sixtus. The company has applied to start operating a new site , one of Coutet, it currently operates with no more than raw material “from this summer, probably “.

Investments and CDI

the public inquiry for the creation a new extraction site for ESBTP business is now complete. A few hours before the end of this investigation, “ No negative comments were made in any of the halls where the survey was available,” says Frédéric Thomas. ESBTP Aggregates has the means to meet the demand of the community. “We invested in trucks to a largest capacity, from 26 to 31 tonnes “. This reduces the number of rotations. “And we made sure that the trucks do not pass twice in the village, empty and full. “One of the company’s strengths is to be truly local. “The boss, Alain Perry [also elected, Ed], is one of the closest neighbors of the site operated. “And on hirings made in recent years included the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. Moreover, with the coming into operation of the new site, people in CDD are expected to see their contracts converted into permanent contracts. In all 15 people now work in the subsidiary ESBTP Aggregates. “Non relocatable” jobs.

Rehabilitation programmed

It is necessary that before that all permissions are given, not only the public inquiry. With an additional challenge: does not interrupt the production of aggregates. A “Career commission” must also give its opinion. Who include professional careers, farmers (who are often bought the land for quarrying) and environmental professionals. In fact, these operations are subject to the Environmental Code. And if the project of the company Agen, opposition to the current are tenuous first sight, this is not the case elsewhere: in Gaujac in Marmande, a gravel Vigilance Association has just been day against the extension of the gravel project in Montpouillan and Marcellus.

“the economic issue of this kind of approach is not to stop production”

If such initiatives have been possible at the start of the operation of sites today ESBTP part of the landscape and the neighborhood problems s’ they exist, are confined to the site whose operation ends.

“We are moving from project to project with as imperative, not to interrupt the production of aggregates,” says Frédéric Thomas. “Once the application for authorization, we are obligated to provide a site rehabilitation project for the purpose of exploitation. “This project is done, usually in agreement with the town hall. For the site of Coutet, who arrives at the end of operation, the machines have fashioned a peninsula on which birds have taken up residence. observation sites, picnic tables will also be installed. “These are places after operation, which will never be built,” according to Frédéric Thomas.

In the future site, a promenade will be built around the lake born of exploitation of the resource, along with creation of ponds to ensure the continuity of the biodiversity of the environment.

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