L'excuse of Johnny Hallyday to see his daughter Laura Smet cache


L e clan Hallyday is more loosely knit structure than ever before. Monday, February 12, in the evening, on France 5, a chronicler tells a story showing that between Laeticia Hallyday and Laura Smet, there is a long-standing feud.

Monday, February 12, Laura Smet is out of her silence by announcing that she is contesting in court the will of his father. Established in California, the last testament of Johnny Hallyday disinherits totally Laura Smet et David Hallyday for the benefit of the widow of their father. In the day, Laura Smet has confirmed its willingness to place themselves in the hands of justice by writing a letter and posthumous to his father.

inventing appointments

a Guest on the tv show C, presented by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the journalist Ludovic Perrin of the JDD has confirmed that the father and the daughter had to see in secret : “This is something you had heard without any certainty, knowing that all the communication was locked by Laeticia Hallyday and the manager, Sébastien Farran, he confided. But it remembers an episode where Johnny Hallyday had pleaded an appointment with the dentist to go and see his daughter.”

information is also confirmed by Eric Le Bourhis, author of the biography Johnny, the amazing story continues , who spoke of the enmity between Laura Smet and Laeticia Hallyday as well as these appointments secrets : “The singer had to almost invent of appointment fictitious to see his daughter”, could be read.

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