Leave the EU or not? Britons will vote in a referendum on June 23

A u day after the agreement in Brussels to snatch his European counterparts, the Prime Minister was launched on Saturday in the battle to persuade the British to vote for maintenance in the EU, announcing the a referendum on June 23 .

David Cameron reiterated that the UK will be “stronger, safer and more prosperous within a reformed European union”, in a brief address to the 10 Downing Street, after a Council of Ministers ..

“We are close to one of the most important decisions of our lives.” David Cameron

Calling for keeping his country in the EU, he stressed that it “gives us the best of both worlds,” saying that the exit would be “ a dip in uncertainty ” and threaten the economy and security of the UK.

an uncertain outcome

the party s very delicate ad: 53%, supporters of a British exit from the EU in January outstripped those of a holding (47%), according to a survey of the institute Survation.

If the agreement he negotiated in Brussels was met with skepticism by the conservative press, David Cameron has received support weight of his Interior Minister, Therese May, notorious eurosceptic, which is stored in the campaign for the yes.

In the wake of the cabinet meeting, five ministers announced their intention to campaign for release of the EU, including those of Justice and Labour, declared Eurosceptic members of the powerful current within the Tory party.

“a fierce fight”

as for Eurosceptics believe, as the leader of the anti-European party and anti-immigration Ukip, Nigel Farage, the mass is already known.

. “June 23: a gold occaison Let us fight to regain control of our country.” Nigel Farage

The leader will have to conduct “ a struggle ” to convince his countrymen, warned The Times, displaying his skepticism about the agreement reached in Brussels as most of the British press titles, except the Guardian and the Financial Times.

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