L'audacity, still of l'audacity…


No surprise here since the end of the year and before the holiday start, Pascal Montrouge had already briefed his followers on the content of the menu half-yearly, with a nice summary filmed for an appetite and a program loop online and on paper to get a good idea of the shows announced as early as February. All committed with an editorial most eloquent that speak of the risks of the trade, borrowing the quote from the psychoanalyst disappeared in the past year, Anne Dufour – mantelle and began : “We want the intensity without the risk”. Mission impossible, she says in substance, arguing that “the intensity, it is the jump in the vacuum, the part new, which has not yet been written and yet who is we waiting for exactly, that,” the passion is a provision in us since childhood that it is certainly possible to grow or limit “but never totally alter it.”

Bread for the direction of the Theatres in the county in which the duo formed by Pascal Montrouge and Bernard Faille works specifically to grow and beautify this desire for the magic show, mirror of life in which everyone can mirer at leisure to sublimate this force of love. The famous catharsis of the theatre listed here as a watermark, in fact, carries the risk that at them could be called audacity.

“A penchant that work!” admits Montrouge, laughing. “A posture which is at the opposite of comfortable. As after a few years of practice, the public is present, no one could imagine that the situation is actually comfortable”, he adds, advising to look at the programming to check… that it is not.

“We are not in favour of the entertainment but the participation to a constant interrogation of the world with this idea to jump on the shelf to embrace the problematic developed by artists. It is often new to the Meeting, it is here that lies the risk mentioned in the preamble, because the themes chosen are often ! thorny ! We believe, in our theatres, to the greatness of the man and the woman, and we start from the principle that all are intelligent and ready to face the work chosen. It can be harsh, confusing, obscure ! Aspects that were not diluted in the eye of the beholder but, on the contrary, there crystallize its sensitivity. That, in short, imposes on us to feed them, always, her curiosity !”.

in Short, for these two-the mission remains ‘ danger !'” because the project is demanding. “The evolution is here,” said the man of the day, adding that he has the chance to be able to count on his chapel county for these large masses of spectacular to which they have accustomed us, everyone gathered every year more and more of the faithful. At the end of the year 2017, hardly the pop-2018 known, 40% of the seats for the whole semester off and,a few hours before the curtain rises on the first performance, tomorrow, the box office displays a nearly “complete”.

We want to know if, necessarily, there is something that changed this year’ Response : “The tree planted is always the same, it is just a little over the top because it grew up and its foliage spreads by sharing it with more municipalities on the territory of cultural Canter, Dryer, Large Market Luc Donat !) with a global irradiation on number of colleges ( Saint-Denis Saint-Paul, Etang Salé, Plaine des Palmistes, Salazie, Bras Panon, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Philippe, Saint-Louis…). The theater is also this momentum which attracts artists and spectators in the movement (we recognize here the dancer!) . The public is growing and when, before, it provided only a single representation, today it provides three”.

eclectic Programme (“the culture on reunion island that are not locked into a single current”) with the best of the local artists in this first half are going to grind their creation as Sergio Grondin with “Maloya” in June, Labelle and the Orchestra of the Region or Didier Boutiana and Pat Yellow in march, Ziskakan this month, René Lacaille, Zanmari Baré or Mary-Alice Sina-man in April. And a few nuggets unpublished with “zarboutans” of culture, such as lady Ladauge always there to put in the heritage enchanting in before, you will soon be able to enjoy it to the radius of the new, the old, keeping this kind of attraction for the younger generations.

They are also in the crosshairs of the Teats to re-establish, to their intent; and with the contest of eloquence, the history of their give, as well as for adults, the word and the opportunity to tell the world in their own way.

And then there are the extras, these monuments of the show living in the air of the time invited to make shine the eyes of a public in love never before seen in him.

“speaking of love at first sight, difficult not to fall captivated by the duo as one of the “Boys Missed” Nicolas Rey and Mathieu Saïkaly that just just just after Avignon we give here a “new love” beautiful!”.

We will not say the contrary, we were literally on fire last summer.”Here again we are in the risk, ‘ says the boss of Teats condemned with its programming to reinvent love every day.

œ there is that of the human on the menu, and as in life, it is renegotiated without end…”. And the list of reasons to fan the fire with; for a start, his pride, he says, Dada Masilo, the high priestess of the movement to the radius of choreography for our neighbours to the south african, responsible for opening tomorrow the festivities with a “Lake of swans” in black and white particularly intrepid and incorrect, politically.

In theatre, the good surprise, ensures Pascal, Mont-rouge, which however is not a fan of the director, it is the coming of Olivier Py on February 22, with “Le Cahier noir” written text when he was 16 years old; to discuss the difficulties of being teenagers. “There is something of Rimbaud and I took literally a slap in the face in the light !”.

On the same stage in April, return of the Dogs of Navarre, still also them into jubilant with “into your arms”, knowing that at the end of the month, Manu Payet will come for the first time at home with Emmanuel his last show, which will still blow the hearing into two sessions holding ! Much less risky than the rest of the program, given the tidal wave of success which spilled over to the other side of the sea.

“Well, yes ! We are doing a beautiful job!” confirms Pascal Montrouge continuing to go checking everything that moves on the front of the european scene… for our eyes only!

the First shows this week, “Swan lake” choreography by Dada Masilo tomorrow 19h,Friday and Saturday from 20h to Field flowers and The unavoidable of the sega ” (Jo Lauret, Gaby Lai Kun, Maël, Michou, Jérôme Payet, Micheline Picot, Laurent Roselli,and co.) Saturday at the Teat the open Air.

  • Dare to come !

It is he who says, the boss of Field Flowers : “When there are no more e place and yet you’re dying to see
the show,come anyway. in a good viewer and even I can assure you that in all the theatres we get to make it fit ten or fifteen people unforeseen, including sir cancellations at the last minute, the weather conditions, the roads cut off, etc, There is always the risk and it may work !

  • associates

New Gravity, Didier Boutiana, Vincent Fontano, Nicolas Givran and Jerome Brabant will benefit again this year
cover by Teats (funding, dissemination, networking, national, and local workshops to keep
the porosity desired, with their public one here).

  • Dann my soubik néna

New concept imagined by Bernadette Ladauge to continue to give its vitality to the culture of your country
with artists for the wear, as you will do in may, to honor the writings of Albany, Annie Darencourt, Gerald Coupama and Patrick Aids, between poetry and music. “Bernadette comes to share this knowledge full to the brim, and
invigorating to make it living and relevant to the work of our elders,” says Pascal Montrouge”

  • Contest of eloquence

This is a beautiful subject that comes up on the carpet of Field flowers where Anne Vitry going to be able to place its project in beauty. The oratory in the form of a contest with three winners from each region of the department for fight with
the word, about the text of Simone Veil ” Often I think of you…”, in front of a jury of quality. Launch of the contest to the tropical almond of Saint-Gilles on march 21, and final, with official discourse and awards ceremony, April 26 at Champ Fleuri in ‘the occasion of the screening of the film “A high voice, the force of the word”, by Stéphane de Freitas.

Return of a classic cycle at Champ Fleuri which has seen others in the past, and that with the complicity of Christopher Sam is worth to us to find a program decorated each month of a work for piano of Chopin performed by one of the five musicians following (Célimène Daudet, Lucy Hoareau, Macha Kanza, François Pinel and Vanessa Wagner). The first is scheduled for February 21, with Pinel)

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