Lackey’s Ponta says do nothing

Lackey’s Ponta says that doing anything

Robert Cazanciuc proposes that the modification of the criminal Codes can be made only once a year, on the grounds that Justice must be ”predictable”. Relative Ponta’s no blow in return not a word about the need to change the Codes to the day, mark Bica.

Robert Cazanciuc the minister of justice Lackey's Ponta says he does nothing

Robert Cazanciuc has ideas

Made by a prosecutor (Alina Bica) and the other by force through Parliament, the current Codes Criminal and Criminal Procedure must be urgently modified. This say for more than a year the RCC, associations of magistrates, politicians, representatives of employers, business people, etc. Was minister of Justice post adoption Codes, Robert Cazanciuc has not done anything in this regard. Was content to hang in his leash Victor Ponta a Ponta held in turn in the rein of external partners well steamed up with the fight against corruption. In the meantime, the echoes of the abuse allowed by the current criminal Codes have crossed the border and everyone was convinced of the need for modification of the work of Bica. Operate already sanctioned officially by the RCC in the case of dozens of articles. Arrived chief of the legal Commission of the Senate (after matrasirea Serban Nicolae), Cazanciuc has not put his hand to make a coherent project of modification of the criminal Codes, but he thought that to limit the change to the legislation in the field just once a year. In principle, the idea might not be bad if we think that any politician with some weight maybe try a legislative change whenever he, his wife, his children or his mistress are caught beat around the bush and risk a conviction. You can not but restrict the modification of the Codes before putting them to point and Cazanciuc that’s exactly what it proposes to do: to put the cart before the horse.



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