Labour law: EELV denounces “numerous violations” to the “rights” and “health” of employees

Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV) Saturday denounced in a statement the “numerous violations” to the “rights” but also “health” for the employees according to him in the draft labor law prepared by Myriam El Khomri.

“the violations of the rights of employees are numerous in this text” for the Green party, citing the “severance pay ceiling for unlawful dismissal” or “unable to employee to challenge an amendment to his employment contract on pain of dismissal. “

” but this law also includes measures, including on working time, which are affected not only the rights of workers but especially their health. So in he goes from maximum working hours, the trivialization of overtime, calculation of night work, rest and clothing. (…) Las, employees must now submit to the variation of rhythms, intensification and night work without recourse and even on pain of dismissal, “continues EELV.

” the most insidious damage to the rights of employees is probably the reversal of the hierarchy of norms and the incredible importance given to the company agreement. Indeed sectoral agreements that required firms were negotiated at national level between trade unions and employers’ unions. The trade unions, negotiations and seasoned connoisseurs of law, were able to offset the sometimes excessive flexibility will of business leaders. Today while the company agreement is required, it is usually management unions, probably inexperienced but very sensitive to avoid losing their jobs who will sign these agreements, “said EELV.

“Finally, far from building on social dialogue as he claims, the labor code reform bill would bypass the majority trade unions with the referendum weapon in the hands of the employer and minority organizations, “denounces the Green party.

” After the IECC, the Responsibility Pact, the Macron laws, here is an extra gift to companies without compensation and without job creation without insurance or guarantee and additional protection for new precarious status, “he concluded.

the bill will be presented March 9 in Council of Ministers.

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