Katya Semenova told how she lives after a divorce

Katya Semenova told how she lives after a divorce

The heroine of the new release of the program “Andrey Malakhov, live broadcast” became the famous singer Katya Semenova. The actress told that she was forced to divorce her husband, humorist Mikhail Tserishenko, with whom she lived in marriage for 25 years.

The cause of the singer’s sufferings were problems in the family. At one time, for the sake of her beloved husband, in the midst of her glory, Katya Semenova left the stage and became a housewife. Their couple was considered one of the strongest in the domestic show business. However, a year ago, Katya was telephoned by an unknown woman and confessed that she had lived with Mikhail for a long time.

In January 2018, Katya Semenova and Mikhail Tserishenko officially divorced. In the studio of Andrei Malakhov, the actress frankly told what she had experienced in the last year. According to her, she drank antidepressants for a year and lost 20 kilograms. Moreover, at some point Katya found a shot through a glass on the balcony in her apartment and began to seriously fear for her life.

Currently, Katya does not know where her ex-husband lives, and what he does. At first, she wanted to forgive her husband’s betrayal, but then, realizing that it was “a terrible betrayal” on his part, she changed her mind.

Gathered in the studio, friends and colleagues of the singer supported Katya Semenova and said that “it’s even good that her husband left – it’s like a tail fell off.”

Why Katya Semenova began to fear her husband, what price she had to pay for a divorce, and how she was going to start a new life – the answers in the program “Andrey Malakhov, live broadcast” . And as megahit from the new album.

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