JO-2016: pending Manaudou, golf Featured

Twice Olympic in 1900 in Paris and 1904 in St. Louis (USA), golf had then disappeared for 112 years of the Games. He reappeared Thursday in Rio, without much medal hope for the Blues who are anxiously awaiting the opening match of Manaudou.

Honor the host country, the Brazilian Adilson da Silva, 288th World , who made the first Olympic swing on the course of Barra da Tijuca.

who will be the successor to the Canadian George Lyon, titled in 1904 in St. Louis? French side, candidates are Gregory Bourdy and Julien Quesne, respectively 107th and 133rd worldwide. In short, the podium will be difficult to reach Sunday even in the absence of the top four world-Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy-, packages … officially frightened by Zika virus or lack of interest.

does will have to wait Florent Manaudou Thursday or Teddy Riner Friday to shake a listless France team? For the Rio games the Blues have fallen rapidly in anonymity. After harvest of five podium Tuesday, Wednesday zero points brought them back to their sad beginning Games.

With six medals in five days, the team of France advanced far enough to the 13 won stage the Games in London, four years ago. And the record of 41 medals in Beijing established in 2008 seems to move away a little more each day.

 - Adrian is not Tarzan –

But the French can at least enjoy the show. Since Wednesday evening, the pool of Barra, where a young Australian of 18, Kyle Chalmers showed that Americans were not invincible.

On the showpiece pools, the 100m free, Nathan Adrian dreamed to win and repeat his feat in London. He would have joined in history a certain Johnny Weissmuller, aka Tarzan, the last American to have retained his title over this distance, there is 88 years.

But Chalmers made his lunch, offering the first win for his country at this distance since 1968.

with one medal so far, cash, thanks to the 4 x 100 m away by Manaudou Sunday night blues little swimmers shined. But now with the return of the Marseilles giant, for the series in the 50 freestyle, the distance had dedicated Olympic champion in 2012 in London, why not dream of a better tomorrow? Or at least to a golden day, Friday night in the final.

Before that, it is master Phelps will return on Thursday night. Having won its 24th and 25th medal Tuesday night, both in gold, Michael Phelps still wants to make waves in the final of the 200m individual medley this time. For the 22nd Olympic gold medal to add to an already gargantuan record.

 - Simone Biles, of course –

If there is a touch of suspense around the color of the medal will pick Thursday night “Kid of Baltimore”, there will not in the day on which one will be crowned the overall gymnastics competition. Except meteorite fall, the new Olympic champion will be Simone Biles, an American doll 19 and 145 cm.

And it could be the beginning of a reign, such as that pursued by the “king Kohei” the Japanese Ushimura, 27, crowned Olympic champion for the second time in a row in the men in the same event Wednesday night.

with the Blues, the best chance of podium of the day will be to seek the side of the mat, even with Audrey Tcheuméo on the eve of the arrival of the ogre Riner. And cycling on the Siberian pine track carioca velodrome.

A medal would clearly welcome to judo. The current balance of traffic in the dojo is equivalent to that of Athens in 2004 (1 silver), the worst of the past 40 years.

On the side of the track, it will speed Team. And there will be revenge in the air for the French, overwhelmed all the way by the British armada four years ago at the London Games.

“I’m on a mission, I n ‘have no choice but to shine, “he simply said Gregory Bauge, the leader of beefy tricolor trio, a few hours of launch.

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