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It n'is not that the salary as a source of'inequality between men and women


The situation of women at work focuses on the differences in salary and career. This is logical in view of the persistence of inequalities in these areas, as has been shown more recently to a study from the Association for the employment of managers (APEC) and the ANDRH on executives in human resources . But it is impossible to summarize the problem, shown in the last edition of the barometer of the Observatory Cegos in the social climate and the quality of working life published on Tuesday.

More concerned for their future

According to the latter, women are more concerned for their future as ” the simple fact of having a job, not being unemployed “ is the first lever of motivation cited by the employees surveyed (49% against 41% for employees).

They are certainly in the majority in thinking that “a real latitude for action and decision in [their] work “ but they are far less likely than men (56% vs. 67%). They are also less numerous than their male counterparts to judge their manager, ” fair with the members of the team “ (60% vs. 69%). They are also less likely to feel ” listen to him.e and understood.e by [their] manager “ (62% vs. 70%). And more numerous to estimate stress which they feel the intensity that the employees.

All this ” he says this ? Two-thirds of women workers are reported to be “motivated[s] with [their] current job “ against three-quarters of the men.

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