iPhone 7: They killed the jack!

On Wednesday night German time Apple presented the iPhone 7 and people are outraged. Not only because Super Mario, the schnauzbärtigste, blaumännlichste plumbers in video game history, soon jumps on the iPhone and its inventor Shigeru Miyamoto was it flown in to San Francisco. No, what makes some really foxy, is the decision not to build a 3.5-millimeter jack for headphones in the new iPhone. Reason enough, the debate again reproduce.

WTF Apple? ? No more headphone jack

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Seriously, no headphone jack. That was strictly speaking but known since the beginning of the year, which is why the iPhone fans and critics really had enough time to prepare for this moment. Circa by would have brought the course immediately patch online petition to the White House. But it’s like with the purchase of emergency supplies or the Bundesliga title for RB Leipzig: This is long ridiculed to actually come the apocalypse.

But the plug is yet totally practical!

He is especially quite old. By the end of the 19th century it has been designed for placement in telephone exchanges, making it one of the oldest electrical standards. At that time he had a diameter of 6.35 millimeters, the one still knows in music production and estimates. In the sixties, the slimmer 3.5-millimeter version that we use today in everyday life appeared. From Boom to Walkman from Gameboy to the camcorder, from smartphones to VR goggles Where an audio connection is, there are jack. So yes, because the technology is so widespread and no manufacturer has a patent on it, it is actually pretty handy. In Apple’s words: It just works .

want Why Apple then no longer?

There are several reasons, says Apple. On the one hand, engineers can use the space of the socket in the housing good for other things. For the new sensor button in the Home button about which the user provides haptic feedback. A connection facilitates less, the iPhone 7 to build watertight. Where the other manufacturers have naturally hinbekommen with jack. Secondly, those responsible believe in Apple, the jack and wireless alternatives to ensure that we can bop to much better sound future.

Sounds especially after bullshit.

Not necessarily. The audio signal on a smartphone is digital, but must be before it comes through the headphones into the ears, are converted and amplified into an analog signal. This is done with an amplifier and a digital to analog converter, DAC short. Both sit directly in the smartphone, but deliver both cost and space reasons, solid, but not always the best quality. There are also audible differences between an iPhone and, say, a Samsung smartphone based on various techniques. A Lightning port (or USB), however, are the audio signal entirely digitally on the earphones. It is therefore no longer converted on the smartphone, high-quality headphones as of Audeze or Philips can itself and thus provide a presumably better sound.

Uh yes, exactly. Again as tl;? Dr please

The Lightning port in the new iPhone delivers corresponding headphones both power and digital music. The sounds better than when it comes through the analog jack ideally. However, there are also fears, particularly in lower price ranges there could be headphones with digital to analog converters, which are worse than those in the iPhone. What yes then would be doubly stupid.

Can I tell the difference at all

are we honest: As with any discussions on sound quality are audiophiles who listen quality lossless music on her smart phone, argue that it is a big difference. Might be. For the remaining 99 percent of iPhone users who stream music and have compressed music, YouTube videos look and live well with their current Earplugs will not change much. Except that they need to carry the appropriate adapter, called a dongle, with the future. And everyone loves known dongles. Because they are never lost. And never annoying hang.

So bullshit.

Naja. The idea to change in 2016 from an analog to a digital standard is not unreasonable. We recall that it was also a moment in which Apple built no more floppy disk drives in their computers. Or CD drives. Or network connections. we really miss it? Just. And who wants to use neither annoying dongles still Lightning headphones, may use wireless alternatives. As just last week at the Ifa in Berlin became clear there is anyway a trend toward wireless audio. more wireless than traditional headphones were sold in the US this year for the first time. Apple could accelerate this development.

But the headphones I have to constantly recharge. As if there were not enough things like the power from me.


and Lightning- or Bluetooth headphones also do not work with old equipment.

Tjoa. But with other Apple devices. Merkste what?

Apple is not selfless in order better sound quality?

Anyway, not only , The more headphone manufacturers jump on the Lightning-train, the more benefits in the end the company: Under its MFi Program (Made for iPhone) licensed it for example expansions such as earphones and microphones to third-party and earns additionally. Own headphones sold Apple also equal with the iPhone 7.

The AirPods.

exactly that featured on Wednesday AirPod headphones are on the one hand a way to make the customer tasty wireless future. Anyway, anyone who wants to spend 180 euros for addition to and not interfere because the AirPods look a little like the essays of electric toothbrushes. On the other hand Apple wants to feelers ever as smart headset that can play audio not only, but also include a microphone and motion sensors arrive at customers and app developers. Or how quickly they disappear in sofa crevices and handbags. Or how people their environment without dangling cables indicate that they are just not responding.

Apple, this capitalist monster! I will not buy iPhone!

There are also good alternatives. But be warned: Some Android manufacturers and influential companies like Intel are already considering to abolish the jack in favor of USB-C.


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