IOC recommended that FHR not call the Russian national team “Red machine “

IOC recommended that FHR not call the Russian national team “Red
 machine “

IOC demanded that the Russian Hockey Federation not use the flag on the organization’s media resources and called the national team only Olympic athletes from Russia. Previously, IOC’s requirements for federation resources did not concern

Photo: official site of FHR

Due to the “urgent recommendations” of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Russian Ice Hockey Federation (FHR) has refused to use the sports organization of the Russian flag on the website and other media resources, Online FHR.

“From the International Olympic Committee received an urgent recommendation to use for our teams in all official media resources FHR only the name” Olympic athletes from Russia “and the Olympic flag,” – said in a statement.

In the announcement of the women’s hockey match between the US and Russia teams, which will start on February 13 at 15:10 Moscow time, the FHR page states: “The US vs Olympic athletes from Russia.”

Photo: official FHR twitter

At the same time, the IOC requirements did not say anything about restrictions on the use of national symbols by media resources of sports federations.

Until then, in the announcement of the match was used informal name of the Russian national ice hockey team “Red car”. It regularly sounded earlier. For example, in a note on the match between Russia and Canada on February 11, too, it was said about the “Red car”.

The brand Red Machine (“Red Machine”) also used FHR For sportswear and paraphernalia sold in the stores of the federation.

Later on, on official Twitter, FHR specified that the IOC requirement only concerns “materials about the teams participating in the Olympic Games”, does not apply to the “Red car” brand and does not concern the use of national symbols on media resources of FHR in other cases.

IOC published its decision to admit to winter games in Pyeongchang not seen in the use of doping by Russian athletes on December 5, 2017.

Then the committee forbade Russian athletes to call themselves otherwise than “Olympic athletes from Russia.” In addition, the requirements of the IOC referred to the ban on the image of the Russian flag on uniform and equipment, as well as on the ban on the execution of the national anthem. Later, the IOC strongly recommended that Russian athletes refrain from demonstrating national symbols in Pyeongchang and call themselves in social networks only “Olympic athletes from Russia.”

The president of the Federation of ski races of Russia, Elena Vyalbe, told RBC that the IOC had not been approached by the Federation to recommend using only the name “Olympic athletes from Russia” and the Olympic flag on all official media resources.

The executive director of the Russian Luge Federation Stanislav Tyurin also told RBC that there had been no requests from the IOC. “Nothing came to us. But we use just such [media resources] such names [“Olympic athletes from Russia”]. This was one of the recommendations, and we changed, “he explained.

All medalists of the third day of the Olympics

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Prior to the announcement of “urgent recommendations” of the IOC of the Ice Hockey Federation on one of the resources of the Russian Olympic Committee, the Team Russia website, edited version of the interview short track-player Semen Elistratov, who won the first medal at these Olympic Games (bronze at a distance of 1500 m). From the video, a negative evaluation of the IOC’s actions was cut out, which did not allow a number of Russian athletes justified by the sports arbitration to the Games.

After the victory, Elistratov announced that he was dedicating his medal to all athletes who are excluded from the Games . “I dedicate this medal to all the guys who were so mean and disgustingly ousted from the Olympics. Hold on and fight, “he said. “RIA News” ). In the video on the site Team Russia the words “so meanly and disgustingly” from the interview of the athlete were cut out.

Evaluating Elistratov’s statement, the Director of Communications of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Mark Adams recalled that the behavior of athletes from Russia playing at the Games in Pyeongchang under the Olympic flag at the end of the competition will be evaluated by the IOC Executive Committee. “We have a program for supervision of Olympic athletes from Russia, for their behavior, at the end of the Games, the Executive Committee (IOC) will be reported on the observance of the letter and the spirit of the law,” he said quote by “RIA News” ).

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