ING customers can withdraw money Dia supermarkets and petrol stations

What if you could have the cashier at the supermarket or at the gas station? That’s what I will try from now customers of ING. An agreement with the supermarket chain Dia and own stations Galp and Shellles service will get cash for free at the supermarket each time they purchase or refueling at the gas station. The system, known as ‘cashback’ is implemented in countries like the UK where the number of bank branches and ATMs is much smaller. Basically, it is that when paying by card ING is charged an amount greater than the amount of the purchase and the difference to the customer is delivered in cash.

This service is a pioneer in Spain and will be available from September 26. There will be over 3,500 cash withdrawal points, of which nearly 2,900 correspond to the characteristics of Dia stores. Through the mobile application Twyp Cash, compatible with any Smartphone with IOS or Android operating system, users can apply with your mobile to withdraw a minimum of 20 euros up to 150 euros in the line of boxes provided that it is always linked to a purchase.

the war of the commissions at ATMs that erupted a year ago badly strained left ING, an entity that has virtually no offices or ATMs. Although it reached agreements with other banks like Popular, Bankia and Bankinter, to allow customers take out money without paying commission (assumes it the orange bench whenever there is a minimum amount of extraction in certain cases), and has installed and forty own ATMs in malls, its network was still insufficient. The general director of ING Direct, Almudena Román, said today that Twyp Cash is defined with growth. “We have created an open ecosystem in which there is room for more members and entities”

The War of the commissions withdraw money from ATMs initiated CaixaBank, which began charging two euros to non-clients when obtained cash from ATMs. CaixaBank, with the broader 9.500- -more ATM network, was joined by other big banks like Santander or BBVA, the conflict was resolved with the Ministry of Economy standard that recognized the right of banks to collect to non-customers.

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