Implementation of the Rural Development Plan of the Meeting


on Wednesday, Serge Hoareau, Vice president for agriculture affairs and european received at the request of the Chairman of the County Council, in the Hemicycle of the Palais de la Source, in over fifty professional agricultural organizations.

The Department, as managing authority of the EAFRD and the bearer of the agricultural policy, presented the balance sheet of the simplifications made in response to requests from professionals.

Serge Hoareau invited the beneficiaries to take ownership of the final frameworks simplified and optimised in order to better support projects. To this day, it is 30% of the fund EAFRD which has been programmed, which represents more than 1300 farmers or agricultural structures helped.

in addition, in the framework of reflections on the Common Agricultural Policy post 20-20, an approach has been undertaken by the Department on the needs of the agricultural development of the future which should in particular integrate the requirements of the creation of jobs, farmers ‘ income, agricultural production, quantitative and qualitative.

the content and methodology of this approach in-depth were presented as well as the schedule of work that will engage all agricultural actors, and institutional.

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