How will the marriage of Harry and Megan differ from that of William and Kate

How will the marriage of Harry and Megan differ from that of William and

Since the announcement of the engagement of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, foreign media have consistently compared both the two beloved women of the British princes and the models of their relationship. He is simply not your type (and that’s good): How to find love where you least expect it. “Andrea Sirtash and psychologist Rachel Sassman analyzed the development of the novels of Prince Harry and Megan Markle and Prince William and Kate Middleton and told the publication of Business Insider, than the marriage of the younger brother will differ from the marriage of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William and Kate Middleton met when they studied together at the University of St. Andrews and before the wedding met for nine years, of which year were just friends . The joint past makes their relationship much stronger than that of other couples whose family life began a year or two after dating. “They know a lot about each other, they have many common friends, common cultural values ​​and memories “, Says Sussman. Harry and Megan began to meet when they were already over 30. Their life experience makes the relationship more harmonious and stable. In this regard, the big plus is that Megan already married . “When we are 20, the time of discovery is coming. We recognize ourselves and finally understand what we want from life. I think it’s good for the relationship between Harry and Megan that they have some experience behind them, “assures Andrea Sirtash. “At 30, you already know exactly what you like and what does not.” At the same time, Rachel Sussman believes that couples who have been together for a long time can not develop quite synchronously. “Sometimes one of the partners can feel that he is a little behind, and vice versa,” explains the psychologist, but specifies that this rarely becomes a really serious problem for the relationship. In turn, Harry and Megan may find it hard to give up their independence. “They may not be so easy to build a common household and share costs,” Sussman explains. Sirtash also notes that if Harry and Megan want to have children , then they will not have much time to be alone, as Prince Harry this year will turn 34, and Megan Markle – 37. This fact has some imprint on their marriage, since the birth of a child already always contributes to couple’s life is a certain difficulty. Kate and William, by the time of the birth of his first-born, Prince George , have been together for 11 years and deliberately approached the question of replenishment in the family.

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