Hollande: “Secularism is not opposed to the practice of Islam”

Without saying a word candidate, François Hollande has been placed on Thursday clearly on the launch pad of the presidential May 2017 to outline his vision of France during a speech organized by the Jean Jaurèsante Foundation the Staff of the Executive and a public delivered that has interrupted with applause.

the theme chosen by the French president to start the political course and thresh the issues that will be at the center of debate of all applicants to the Elysée has been ” democracy against terrorism “.

the weapons to fight the jihadist threat, the place of Islam in France, the principles of secularism, national identity, immigration, the rise of extremism or European challenges have focused intervention in which Hollande has criticized recipes right and the extreme right against the fear that terrorism and migration crisis installed in French society.

Hollande has defended the rule of law as best weapon to win the battle against terror and has departed from the idea of ​​a “state of emergency” similar to the Patriot Act passed by the United States after 11-S. “Democracy will be stronger than the barbarism that has declared war,” he said.

Also, in a context of growing distrust of the population of the Muslim faith, was convinced that Islam French may be compatible with the principles of secularism and has appealed to national cohesion to prevent social division that jihadists seek inoculate.

“Islam can adapt to secularism, as they have done before Catholicism or Judaism? My answer is yes. Does the Republic is ready to accept a religion that was not expected to have this dimension a century ago? The answer is still yes, “said Hollande referring to the second religion of the country and disassociating speech right.

” Nothing in the idea of ​​secularism opposes the practice of Islam in France provided it meets the law, “he continued. About lapolémica the ‘burkini’ has torched the political climate during the summer, Chirac has rejected the idea of ​​legislation prohibiting their use launched by his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, because, in his view, would be unconstitutional.

“Just apply the law in all its rigor,” he insisted after denouncing the “provocation” of extremists who use this debate as a pretext for stigmatizing French Muslims.


the president has defined the French identity as a way of life built by successive generations and stressed that France is “more than an identity, an idea, unaambición project “. In another clear reference to the programs of the candidates for the primary right, Hollande has emerged as protector of the French social model that, in his opinion, the opposition intends to “dismantle”.

As form, has been presented as the guarantor of European construction threatened by the recent ‘brexit’. “Europe is more than a financial center, is also a space of values. I will not let Europe disintegrates by nationalism, borders and extremism. The end of Europe would be a conception of democracy, “he proclaimed.

Sunk in polls

Weakened by dissent his former Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, and cornered by a flood of competitors in their own political family, Hollande has called for unity on the left to avoid a fragmentation of the vote in the presidential elections next May. Whether or not a candidate for reelection, something that Hollande will officially announce in December, all polls predict that the far-right Marine Le Pen will be in the second round against the candidate of the right to come out in November primary. Another bad news for Hollande is that 88% of French people do not want to opt for a second term.

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