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heart defect children: Valentine also dear to their heart

E n France every year 8000 children are born with a heart defect. The St. Peter’s regional referent institute.

This Tuesday, February 9, Mohamed, 7, made the effort on the bike while his sister is concerned . Dr. Sophie Guillaumont reassures: “He is a champion!” The test marks the beginning of the rehabilitation program that will soon follow the small Narbonne, on a plateau that refers to the region, within the Institute St. Peter hospital for children in Palavas-les-Flots.

born in Montpellier, Marseille heart surgery at the age of six months, Mohamed is suffering from congenital heart disease, heart defect that affects each year in France, 8,000 babies born with a single ventricle, a large inversion vessels, a rhythm disorder. Valentine’s Day, feast of love, is also that of these patients. In the 70s, one in two children died. For twenty years, 40% were under the age of 30, today, 90%.

Unique in France

for twenty years, too, the first kids who suffer from heart disease arrived in Saint-Pierre. In 2015, 2000 consultations were carried out on an active file of 6000 patients (asthma, obesity, diabetes). Dr. Guillaumont cardiopédiatre, divides his time between St. Peter and the CHU Montpellier.

For her, the main progress to support today take these rehabilitation programs that have been evidence, and the transition program for young adults proposed for a year to avoid breaks of support at the end of adolescence: “children growing up we lose sight, more than half of those that we find here arrive after a passage to emergencies, “worries Sophie Guillaumont convinced that we must never let them go.

Past emergency and surgery, all starts here, like Mohamed, on a bike: “in primary school, children are moving, that’s more complicated to college … so to do work the heart muscle,” insists the doctor. In Saint-Pierre, it leads them safely in an interdisciplinary approach that integrates nutrition and psychology, in short sessions that do not cut the child from his universe. “It is unique in France,” she says. The “two neighboring CHU”, Toulouse and Marseille, send their young patients in Palavas. Many were spotted before birth, “we should not be far 80% of antenatal diagnosis, against 30% twenty years ago,” recalls Sophie Guillaumont. Lilya was six months pregnant when the diagnosis was transposition of the great vessels. “I am very worried, remembers the mother of Mohamed.” Since he was born, “she” is reassured. “

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