Hapsatou Sy and her daughter, victims of racist abuse: “That can be violent “

Hapsatou Sy and her daughter, victims of racist abuse: “That
 can be violent “

Friday, January 12, 2018, Hapsatou Sy was the guest of Cyril Hanouna , in Do not touch My TV (C8). The opportunity for the columnist Sunday Terrans to make a sad revelation on his daily life.

In couple with Vincent Cerutti for two years, Hapsatou Sy is on a small cloud. Only downside: people trying to mediate his daughter Abbie (16 months). So she took advantage of her stint on the show to send a message to people a little too intrusive: ” It does not bother me that my couple is publicized as long as my daughter is not. She did not choose to do TV. So I say to all the people trying to snap it from time to time on the street, it’s not very cool. She is only 16 months old, you have to leave her alone. ”
The former candidate of Dance with the stars (TF1) also regretted that some allow themselves to have inappropriate remarks towards his daughter or her: ” People are very nice, even if sometimes we have insults that are a little racist, a bit limited, which can be very violent, very difficult. I was told, ‘Beauty and the beast.’ One day. I was also told that my child was a bastard because he is M├ętis. People who are behind their screen and who are saying that kind of thing is outrageous. ”
Hapsatou Sy can happily count on his half to support him on a daily basis. She also took the opportunity to make a beautiful statement about it: ” It’s hard to expose your relationship, because you tell everything afterwards. What is certain is that we are very close and that it is not about to stop. ”
On the side of the hearings, TPMP attracted 1,120,000 viewers last night (4.8% market share).

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