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Google launches Android Oreo Go, a version of Android for cheap phones

Google announces the availability of the Android operating system Android Go, the Oreo variant.

As promised in May, when it hosted the annual event dedicated to application developers, Google launches Android Oreo Go, an operating system that is trying to make some more affordable and cheapest Android phones. Every year, the new release of Android will be followed by Go, for smartphones with poor features that are not running well with the normal Android version. For example, if next year is announced Android X, it will be accompanied by the option for cheap phones, Android X Go. Android Go is considering phones with little memory – under 1 GB RAM – which the standard version of Android and the applications developed for it do not run in optimal conditions, affecting the user experience. Google says Android Go includes optimizations for rolling performance and storage space. This Android version comes with some special configurations to reduce data consumption. For example, the Chrome browser traffic will be redirected to Google’s servers through a proxy, where they will be compressed before being delivered to your phone. Moreover, Android Go is configured to use the Go version of Google applications, such as Maps Go, Gmail Go, and so on. These applications, in turn, are optimized and feature specially designed for cheap phones.
For example, YouTube Go, unlike YouTube (the standard app), provides a video download function for viewing and when an internet connection is not available. Android Go is now shipped to developers, which means it will not be long before we see cheap phones that use this version instead of standard Android. The new operating system, which is not yet available for download to those who want to install it manually, will be released every year, according to Google, shortly after the usual Android version becomes available.

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