Germanwings Crash: Germany will strengthen the medical checks of drivers

L e German government will strengthen medical checks of airline pilots , establishing “random” tests to detect drug use or drugs, nearly a year after the plane crash Germanwings said Saturday Süddeutsche Zeitung.

the surprise tests

the Munich daily quoted a “document” stating a series of validated measures Friday by the ruling coalition in Berlin. These new measures will still be approved by the Bundestag , the lower house of the German parliament, the newspaper said.

Carsten Spohr, head of the German giant Lufthansa Air, owner of the company low-cost Germanwings, had already announced the end of May 2015 setting up the group medical checks surprise for the drivers.

A medical database

Lufthansa had made the announcement a few weeks after the crash on March 24, in the French Alps Airbus Germanwings A321, which had 150 deaths. According to the investigation, the accident was probably caused by the German co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who suffered severe psychological disorders .

The controls will ensure that flight crews are not “under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other psychoactive substances” when there is doubt about their abilities, continues the newspaper, that mentions creating a medical database.

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