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Georges Pernoud will exit out of Thalassa

Georges Pernoud will leave Thalassa

The new risk to sadden the fans of this program worship of France 3. The presenter Georges Pernoud will leave the next season, the presentation of the “Thalassa”, a show that he created and that he has hosted since 1980. He made the announcement himself on TV Magazine on Friday, his departure has been confirmed by France 3.


“After the month of August, the show will continue without me. Since the new programming to be decided by Dana Hastier (the patron saint of France 3, editor’s note), she became a mouth-hole. I do not know who will present it, and I’m not meddling,” says the announcer in TV Magazine. Thalassa, a programme devoted to the sea and released Friday on France 3 since 1975, is one of the oldest programs of television.

“I finalize my departure and I have other projects… television. You me see!”, continues the host of 69 years. Since September 2016, France 3 broadcast Thalassa once per month (previously three times) and the hearing was decreased with 1.6 million viewers on average in 2017.

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