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Gard : stela d'Abel Chennouf, killed by Merah, profaned


L e father of the soldier killed has discovered the disaster on Thursday 7 December at Manduel in the Gard.

“I’m shot, I’m reluctant, I am 65 years old, I chialĂ© as a kid, why touch that ?”. Albert Chennouf-Meyer’s displeasure is most ardent : the father of Abel, this young skydiver of 25 years old shot dead by Mohamed Merah, on march 15, 2012 in Montauban, was found on Thursday afternoon that the stele municipal honoring her son in Manduel (Gard) has been degraded.

A voluntary act which led to the opening of an investigation by the municipal police. “Whoever did it wanted to touch me because he has this fight as I lead against the nazislamisme” ahead of Albert Chennouf-Meyer.

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