Gang of the tramway of Montpellier : the details of l'operation of police in Perpignan

D ix-seven Bosnians suspected of having led dozens of young thieves were in police custody Monday, 12 February.

For more than a year, they had put in cup set some stops of the tram of Montpellier. To the point that Tam has been forced to broadcast continuous messages of warning to travellers, to warn of the presence of pickpockets. He has also had to change the ticket vending machines, compared to devices, better protecting the users of credit card.

As from 2015, the New Saint-Roch, train station or place of Comedy, hundreds of users of the tram have been a victim of these girls as well-trained and efficient. Expertise, to identify the code of a card, when buying tram tickets in the station. Agile, to steal the wallet in the bustle of the opening of the doors.

Clan Hamidovic

Among the suspects include several members of the family Hamidovic, whose patriarch, Fehim, 65 years of age, arrested in 2010, was sentenced in 2014 to twelve years of imprisonment by the court of appeal of Paris. The justice had established that he oversaw a network of dozens of thieves to the tire operating in the underground of the capital.

At the time, several suspects had already been arrested in Perpignan and Montpellier. The investigation of the safety of the Hérault has been carried out in collaboration with the central Office for the fight against delinquency goodwill (OCLDI) and the safety of Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), several thieves spotted in Montpellier, operating also around the site of Disneyland, Marne-la-Vallée.

luxury Cars

Nine luxury cars were seized during the ten searches in Perpignan, including a Porch Panamera (picture), an Audi RS, a BMW X6 and a Fiat Abarth.


1 000 complaints in 2016

And fast, to spin immediately empty the atm nearest you. “In 2016, it was reported that more than 1,000 complaints, with a peak in November and December,” says a police officer from montpellier. The harms are significant : hundreds of euros each time, with “a record of 7 500 € for an australian tourist, who has not had a withdrawal limit on his card.”

For the safety of the département of Hérault, as for the prosecutor’s office in Montpellier, there is a real challenge. The police have a nice stash and to stop them red-handed thieves, it is impossible to put an end to the phenomenon : the young girls have no paper on them, swear that they are minor. “They said they live in the camp of Roma of The Paillade or Odysseum, which was false,” says a source close to the folder.

without being able to trace their course, and their past legal, the only solution is to place them in a home, where they flee immediately. “We arrested some three times in the same week-end, ” sighed a police officer. In 2016, there has been a hundred arrests but only five, of which one has been able to prove that they were adults, have been convicted and écrouées.” To the brigade for the crime clever, it decides to change its approach. A cell is created, specially dedicated to this investigation, dubbed ‘Tram connection’.

A network of mafiosi

Because the police are convinced they will be dealing with a real structure of mafia family. A year later, the facts give them reason. Thanks to a huge amount of work for the study of telephony for the young suspect, common points are identified in Perpignan and identified thanks to the monitoring of the BIS of Montpellier, which locates the homes of these families bosnians. “They are invisible on the spot, they have no administrative existence, no paper, these are ghosts.”

phone-tapping, made difficult because the suspects speak a dialect of the gypsies rare, confirm that distance, the men lead these girls who are taught from childhood the art of flying the portfolios. “The system never stops. As soon as the girls are too spotted, they move, Montpellier, Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse,” says a source close to the investigation. The men collect then cash and calcinate : discos, costumes and beautiful cars.

50 000 € seized

Monday at dawn, the alarm clock was difficult, at the residence Wind turbine, a district in the Windmill, and in a number of dwellings close to the place Cassanyes. Helicopter, Raid, BRI, gendarmes mobiles, dogs antistups, officers of the judicial police. Seventeen suspects, including two minors, have been detained in police custody, 50 000 € seized and eleven young children entrusted to social services. The “Tram connection” of Montpellier is currently stopped.

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