Fridges solidarity against food waste, you know? The Youtubeuse Natoo explains everything

Fridges solidarity against food waste, you
 know?  The Youtubeuse Natoo explains everything

WASTE – Do you know solid fridges? If the answer is negative, it’s good, because Youtubeuse Natoo had a “big crush” for this project that she presents in a video posted on January 10 .
She discovered this green initiative thanks to his friend Youtubeur Baptiste Lorber , who is the project’s ambassador. The principle is simple: “put a fridge outside a shop in which everyone can bring food or use freely,” she describes. In addition to helping fight against food waste, these fridges are a help for the poor.

The concept already exists in cities like Brussels or Berlin. In Paris, the first solidarity fridge was installed in July 2017 by Dounia Mebtoul , owner of the Cantine du 18, in the 18th arrondissement of the capital.

You know that I like books boxes, in the same spirit, # lacantinedu18 has set up the very first #frigosolidaire of Paris. Congratulations for this geniallissime initiative! ______ #givebox # paris18 #paris #lesfrigossolidaires #restaurant #solidarity #food #froh #inspiration #instagood #instafood #solidarity #zerowaste #zerodechet
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Asked by Natoo and Baptiste Lorber in the video, Dounia Mebtoul gives some simple rules as to what can be deposited by individuals in such a fridge. “Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, dry goods”. And what can not? “Neither meat nor fish to break the cold chain, and no home-cooked dish,” she says.
Since then, other fridges were born in the capital . But for Natoo, which has 5 in all of France, it is still too little: “it would take hundreds, thousands, it would have to be in the mornings and that it becomes natural to give food”, says Youtubeuse.
Every year in France, 10 million tons of food are wasted . This largely fill many fridges that, for now, empty as quickly as they are provided. And if you want to start one in your neighborhood, It’s here that it happens .

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