Fortnite: Update removes SMG from the rotation – new Item types promised

Fortnite: Update removes SMG from the rotation – new
 Item types promised

This week, Epic Games wants to take the submachine gun out of rotation in Fortnite. Meanwhile it is clear: meant is the standard SMG. According to the developers, an always consistent gameplay balancing is to be guaranteed, after all, new weapons and items are added regularly. But that does not have to mean that the SMG basically permanently disappears from Fortnite Battle Royale.

This week, Epic Games is canceling the Submachine gun from Fortnite ( Buy now for 58.41 € ) Battle Royale – The weapon is not included in the rotation for the time being and can not be found anymore. Meanwhile, it is clear which machine gun the developers meant in a recent blog entry: the standard SMG. About Reddit, the developers share the new information. Tactical and silenced SMGs can still be found and used in Fortnite Battle Royale. Background to the omission of the SMG in the standard version is not known. The developers just say that they strive for a consistent balancing gameplay.

“We’re always testing new prototypes of weapons and consumables that will end up in the game after the tests, and in addition, we’re planning to introduce new types of items – aside from guns and consumables – to bring fresh life into the game,” they said Developer mentioned Blog post on their website , However, “Weapons we took out could return to the game later.”

Accordingly, SMG could be available again in Fortnite Battle Royale in the future. This allows developers to customize the arsenal “depending on which new weapons are being deployed.” It remains to be seen when the SMG will disappear from the rotation. In our News section on Fortnite We keep you up to date with the latest updates. Information about Fortnite roadmap For the coming weeks and months, see this link.

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