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Florin Iordache strikes again: changing the Rules of the Chamber of Deputies to block the Opposition. Law: amendments rejected are no longer subject to vote


Thus, the three initiators will the Regulation to establish this procedure: ”In the situation in which the time of debate approved is exhausted, debate is closed and the president of the Chamber subject to a single vote all the amendments admitted in an article contained in the commission’s report. Amendments rejected are subject to vote only in the case in which, by vote, the house rejected amendments accepted by the commission”.

the Initiative was signed by members of the Tudor Ciuhodaru (PSD) and Gheorghe Cucșa (ALDE) and was recorded on Wednesday, even in the day of the debate the law on status of judges.

”Iordache and PSD amended the Regulation to put his fist in his mouth the Opposition. The last theft brand PSD, today: Iordache has filed modification of Regulation in order to vote in a bloc the amendments in plenary. And the rejected (by the Opposition, in general) can no longer be supported. I discovered the awesomeness of digging in the site of the Chamber today because they did it all on fast-forward. Yesterday have submitted the draft law at the Permanent Bureau, immediately gave him the registration number and number of project of the decision of the Chamber and today it has and put in the meeting of B. P. with the deadline for tabling amendments until Monday,” wrote the deputy USR Catalin Drulă on Facebook. ”These people have no respect for democracy! Fist in the mouth it’s all I know!”, he added.

the Initiative of the PSD-ALDE comes after on Wednesday the adoption of the articles of the Law on status of judges lasted 13 hours in the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies, because the USR has resorted to the provisions of the regulations to support the amendments in the plenary, thus trying to prevent the majority to pass in record time by Parliament amendments to the laws of justice.

Florin Iordache criticised, at the end of the debate the law 303/2004, the representatives of the opposition who have tried to block the debate of the normative act, claiming that the way in which they conducted the work of the plenum was not a normal one.

In their turn, opposition parties, the PNL and USR, have harshly criticized the way in which was held the meeting of the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, accusing the parties of the governmental coalition, the PSD, the ALDE and the UDMR, of abuse and violation of democratic rules.

Bb: introduce the dictatorship of the majority

the Leader of the USR, Dan Barna, said, Thursday, that the initiative of Florin Iordache for the amendment of the Regulation of the Chamber of Deputies introduce the dictatorship of the majority in parliament.

“I Never thought I’d get to say this about the return of dictatorship in the Parliament. (…) You realize the absurdity of this regulation. This regulator does not do it than to introduce a dictatorship of the majority which means the plenum. The gentlemen Iordache, Ciuhodaru and Cucșa have proposed an amendment to the Regulation of the Chamber of Deputies so that what happened yesterday, the use of instruments of parliamentary blocking a law to no longer be possible. Basically, it tries to ban the possibility of debating the amendments in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies. It is an attempt to hide for a few changes meaningless and a smokescreen pretty transpartentă,” said Dan Bb.

the Leader of the USR has pointed out that, through this initiative, it removes the fundamental right of mps to support the amendments.

“Until now you had the opportunity, as deputy of the Romanian state to support an amendment in the measure in which it was necessary or considered necessary for the society. Now it removes this basic right of lawmakers. It is a further step in the abuse that we see for days in Romania,” said Barna.

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