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Fatima Khemilat : “The “vote muslim” does not stop to feed the imaginary european “

Fatima Khemilat : “The “vote muslim” does not stop to feed the imaginary european “

During the last presidential election, the two finalists of the first round, had had sharp exchanges during the debate of the period between the two rounds at the subject of the ” vote muslim “. Nicolas Sarkozy is opposed then to the proposal of the socialist candidate François Hollande to grant the right of vote to foreigners in local elections because it would present a risk of ” community vote “ leading to ” claims of identity “.

This is reminiscent of some of the controversies and media policies that have affected other social groups in France and abroad aware of the XXe century. As women once suspected to vote with their sex may be reasonable to assume that the muslims are voting with their Quran ?

In 2012, according to a survey OpinionWay, 93 % of French muslims voted for François Hollande in the second round, it is 41 % points of difference with the national average of votes obtained by the socialist candidate ! Several attempts have been undertaken to explain the reasons for this important gap in favour of the left, the muslims of France.

The variable religious

Sylvain Brouard and Vincent Tiberj have concluded that we should not overestimate the impact of the variable religious on the vote of the believers, whoever they are. The catholic French and the united states, for example, vote in a manner diametrically opposite. If they are significantly more favourable to the party The Republicans in France, in the United States, on the other hand, it is more the democratic party who wins their vote. Then how do you explain this difference ?

according to the two authors, it is the condition of members of a minority racial and religious often contiguous to a situation of relegation, social and economic conditions that would lead the catholics of the United States to vote democrat as the muslims in France vote socialist. These parties are considered to be more favorable…

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