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Farmers: the anger still rumbles

Thursday, February 11, François Hollande announced a decrease in social contributions for farmers. But these are not yet satisfied and always feel caught in the throat. They were still more than 150 gathered outside a supermarket in Quimperlé (Finistère).
The drop charges is not a solution, it is the order of the scoop. It must Chairman forcing industry to share margins “plague Bertrand Hourdel, pig farmer in Britain.

An aid plane insufficient

a few kilometers away, in Quimper, the farmers’ demonstration turned violent in the night of 12 February. Five farmers were taken into custody after the devastation of the agriculture chamber.
Anger does not fall. At Niort, farmers conducted a labeling operation to expose a new aid plan insufficient. After three weeks of conflict, farmers do not disarm. The details of the charges of cuts promised by Hollande will be known next week.

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