False story of the demolition of the churches in France, one of the most widespread and believed the fake news in Romania


For more than a year, the romanians are “bombarded” on social networks with the various articles and images about the demolition of thousands of churches in France. The plastic artist Radu Oltean, author of the blog went on the footsteps of this news that says that 2,800 churches will be demolished following a decision of the French Senate, filling that “will be demolished while many other mosques will be raised on taxpayers ‘money”.
Oltean discovered the main source. The information first appeared in the newspaper online swiss Les Observateurs, recited and then in numerous other european publications. In Romania, the news was taken and spread on sites and blogs, conspiracy, nationalist, Russian-tabs, orthodox or other.
Are shown clips with the excavators which bite savagely from the walls of gothic or articles that clearly say how the “2,800 churches will be demolished in France”. It all goes hand in hand with the subliminal message that France is drifting spiritual, that the atheism of the French created “monsters”, in parallel with the increase in the number of mosques, thanks to these pagan muslims (about which we “know” with all that’s in principle potential terrorists).
briefly, what about the Romanian after that? That France is in crisis, that the West is a mess, that muslims will overwhelm you, that’s a step up from the Apocalypse (not like in the us, in the Garden of the Mother of God).
the Message is very close to propaganda putinistă anti, in which the predominant themes as “young degenerates, the majority of homosexuals, pedophiles, drug addicts, the neoliberal marxists leftiști etc., without any God and suffocated by the muslims”.
I have friends architects involved in the area of Historical Monuments in France and who have no idea of this phenomenon. Normal! Because he doesn’t exist! But in Romania there is – unfortunately – a horizon of expectation towards the west decadent. Including the many people with book”, says Radu Oltean.

“there is No “decision of the French Senate” to demolish the church”

Articles with the title “Over 3000 churches will be demolished in France” appear on numerous sites Romanian. From an initial search on the Internet, Oltean found the information unchanged in 35 sites and blogs. “half Of which were christian. The others were on the sites or conspiracy rusofile. Often they were taken to the package with the phrase “post-christian Europe” in which, however, was revealed the true christianity of the Romanian (and orthodox) versus atheism occidental,” says Oltean.
Oltean says that no one in Romania did not cite the French press. For example, the article in Les Observateurs was abolished by an agency fraceză dealing with the correctness of the information in the press (…), which he declares as fake news in its entirety.
“there is no “decision of the French senate” to demolish the church, but a statement of a senator of the French in 2006 with respect to the Historical Heritage and in which they appreciate that about 2,800 churches would need repairs and interventions (
And that overall, even in an article of the Catholic Church in France declares that the demolition of the churches, without being replaced by more modern, are very rare cases and exceptional.
Mosques (and even a kind of cult building) not being built from taxpayers ‘ money (for reasons of separation of church and state), that they are actually few and relatively small surface area (maximum 3000 in the whole country, many of which are small houses of prayer and of which only 30 have and the minaret).…/l-eclosion-des-mosquees-phenomene…”, published by Radu Oltean on his page on Facebook.
In the end, Radu Oltean argues that there is no longer a secret to anyone that I’m Russian propaganda: “No not hiding, for those to whom they are addressed to these “news” don’t bother with what that is propaganda. Here’s a portal georgian (and in English) that deals with the dismantling of the fake-news-sites Russian circulating in that environment. Also a lot of news are and to us:” commented Radu Oltean.
Ironical to the address of the hypocrites religious who give great defenders of orthodoxy
Illustrator specializing in historical reenactment has noted a fact. Namely that the romanians were not outraged when Ceausescu began to demolish churches in Romania.
you know with how much anger protested, the citizens of Romania and the orthodox clergy against Ceausescu when he demolished wholly or in part churches brâncoveanu of inestimable value? You know how high the country, the most-most to start a revolution when they tore down the church Enei (Ienei). Or fighting between the Security, Army and people led by the Patriarch of the country when he was about to be demolished monastery of Vacaresti, the largest monastery of the tradition brancovan? There are – of course – ironically the address of the hypocrites religious who give themselves great defenders of orthodoxy and who deplore the “post-christian Europe” and the lack of faith of the westerners versus indolence, fear and colaborationismul BORON of communism“, concluded Radu Oltean, who argues that it’s unfair that just France to be accused of the destruction of heritage, in the conditions in which this country has one of the legislations of the oldest and best on the restoration and protection of monuments in Europe, and it is a standard of best practices in the restoration and protection of the Heritage.

“To us, the protection of heritage, including numerous bricks with very thick walls of high value are on the verge of collapse and are sometimes saved by the NGOS, secular. Often the intervention of the priests led to the destruction of religious monuments or medieval frescoes. In Romania the protection of heritage is modest, it is on the ground,” commented Radu Oltean.

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